WoT Supertest – Manticore

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Main armament: QF 105mm gun;

Shells  – QF 105mm AP / QF 105mm APCR / QF 105mm HE

Alpha damage  390/390/480;

Penetration values –248/268/60;

Damage per minute – 1743;

Rate of fire –  4,47 (13,4 s. reload);

Shell velocity – 1100 m/s (AP);

Gun accuracy – 0.38;

Aim time – 2.3 s.

Aim circle spread –

  • after shot – 3,50;
  • on turret traverse – 0,08;
  • on tank movement – 0,18;
  • on tank traverse – 0,18;

Gun depression – 8 degrees;


View range – 400;

Camouflage values –

  • Stationary 36 %;
  • On movement 36 %;
  • During shooting while stationary 6,48 %;
  • On movement while shooting – 6,48 %;


Engine power – 500;

Vehicle traverse speed – 45;

Specific power ratio – 40,3 hp/t;

Maximum speed –

  1. forwards 68 km/h;
    1. backwards 25 km/h;

Terrain resistances –

  • on hard terrain – 0,863;
  • on medium Terrain –0,959;
  • on soft terrain – 1,534;


Hull front / side – 50mm / 30 mm;

Turret front / side – 80 mm / 40 mm;


36 thoughts on “WoT Supertest – Manticore

  1. So apparently everyone this tank is more real than we thought
    It was a british project to crest a light weight vehicle to replace the need for the 120mm Wombat recoiless rifle it was a 105 mm armed light tank
    And it did NOT carry the 105 L7 gun as it was still in development (which WG has seemed to have gotten right by the looks of the stats) the gun was called QF 105 and was the development of the

    So mostly Wg has gotten this right… except for a few finer details

    For one the engine has been unhistoricaly buffed but only slightly (probably so it’s slightly faster but otherwise this is fine by me)

    Also it’s name is not Manticore but Chimera (which is the third tank that we know of with this name) (also the one we have in game is the 1954 variant and the tank Destroyer is the 1984 variant This chimera is right in the middle (though I can’t remember the year)) ( they probably changed it so it be confused with the in game chimera)

    Lastly it had an auto reloader the same as the Italians as the driver/ loader could load shells in one at a time instead of all at once, so he could also focus on driving
    (WG must have removed it to keep the line more consistent)

    (Also I have no idea what the armor is like so I can’t tell if it’s correct or not)

    Though else wise Wg did a good job (for once) with this tank

    And yeah it’s real

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      1. WT isn’t as historical as they want everyone to believe, at least not anymore, and yeah 100% historical tanks isn’t something we should expect from WoT because they do need to think of gameplay first (it would be easier if they had more tiers, like in WT), despite the fact that for a few years they have not been doing a good job at that, but there should still be some limits, like the Soviet “light” tank line, they went too far with that, especially considering the BMP family of vehicles would be suitable for the role (including predecessors like PT-76/85 and Obj.906)

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        1. this discussion is so pointless. LT 100 is a fun tank to play….SO WHO GIVES A FLYING F ABOUT THE HISTORICAL ASPECTS?

          WG never claimed to be historically accurate. Nor should they.


          1. also, is it just me or does it seem to anyone else that 80% of people who visit this blog reply to comments without reading and understanding them first?

            I really wish someone could point out where did anyone write that WoT has to be more historical, I at least know it was not on my comment

            «historical tanks isn’t something we should expect from WoT because they do need to think of gameplay first … for a few years they have not been doing a good job at that»

            I think this means gameplay should be priority, unfortunately they have not done a good job at that, for the last “couple” of years, with all the underpowered and overpowered tanks as well as the power-creeping

            about the rest it is simply about game balance, you cannot start from a medium and turn it into a light and still think you will be able to make them balanced against the tanks in their class, well, with the LT concealment buff they aren’t even balanced against some of the MTs in their tiers, but who cares about game balance, right?

            it is in these kind of situations that they have to be realistic, not historical, because it is not realistic to expect the LT class to remain balanced when one side is not even using LTs


    1. I believe that some credited Ed Francis for the recently added British vehicles, the rewards (Excalibur and Chimera) and the premium LT (Senlac), not really in having discovered them since they were known before but for having suggested them, in fact as soon as the Excalibur was revealed he supposedly made a post saying more would be coming in the near future, not long after the Chimera was also revealed

      probably the result of him spending a lot of time in Bovington and WG having seemingly expanded their cutt-off date
      early last year they did mention in a Q&A that there was a good possibility of the MBT-70 being added sometime in the future while in the past they didn’t even want to allow the M48 (1951) and M60

      of course I might be mistaken and this is all just a bunch of coincidences


      1. sure, sure, no one is “whinging” about historical accuracy, but even a dipsh*t like you, someone who insults others for no reason whatsoever, should understand that if you have a 150mm gun on a tank where not even a 100mm gun would fit it is beyond that (nothing to do with historical accuracy), they need to at least be realistic, similar with adding a bunch of medium tanks and telling us

        «look at these new light tanks»

        or having something with 200+mm of armor and saying it weighs 30 tons (this is a exaggeration but is also needed for context), there are limits to everything

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    1. and no armor, and worse speed and probably agility too and miserable dispersions on move…

      so yes…it can perform better spoting with all those cons


  2. Summary;
    CAMO – is 2.8 worse than T-100 LT (?) or 16.16 better. I think it is the former.

    MOVEMENT DISPERSIONS – turret trav is mediocre, movement trav is dead worst.

    AIM TIME & ACCURACY – aim-time is new worst in class, accuracy is 2nd best, beaten by Pzw.

    SHELL VELOCITY – 2nd worst. amx 105 is worst.

    TOP SPEED/REVERSE – top is 2nd worst with amx 105. reverse is best in class tied with two other tanks.

    POWER/WEIGHT – 3rd worst in class.

    DPM – Worst in class by a WHOPPING 207 DPM. Also, no HESH.

    PENETRATION – Best in class by 2 penetration and AP type shell.


    1. Suggestion:
      +Give the tank a historical Auto-Reloader like the Italians. Preferably two shells.

      +Give the tank 130 penetration HESH

      -Reduce the Power/Weight further. (until worst in class)

      -Reduce the Aim-Time further. (until worst in class)

      Boom. Unique tank.


      1. SCRATCH THAT!
        To make the tank unique give it single shot 260 pen 390 damage AP, with 220 pen HESH 480 damage gold.

        No auto-reloader cause too similar to amx 105.

        Still needs aim-time nerf and Power/weight nerf though


          1. Does centurion have 70kph top speed, smallest size, high pen gold hesh and horrible aim time? i think it is unique enough.


    2. This thing will get eaten alive by wheels, passive scouting is dead because they can aggressively push spotting bushes without taking damage and light you then get away unscathed 9 times out of ten.
      So you either get spotted and die, spot from the second line and be useless or go to to with the wheels. And with this things stats even the tier 8 EBR 75 would cause it major problems in straight up fight.

      It’s a tank for WOT circa 2014.


      1. It’s the only thing that is not shit though.
        Well, there’s the camo, but WG made sure to screw over all the tanks that rely on the camo to begin with, so it’s more situational than ever.

        It’s “camping red line feeling cute, might press W later, idk” kind of tank.

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    1. Base camo at 50% would be the best camo in the game I think. And that’s very dangerous for a might tank to have since they keep their camo when moving.

      With a full camo crew and a camo directive you’d basically be as invisible as a Strv103B except even when moving. And when stopped, camo net and nothing can see you until proxy-spotted.

      Not good. Invisible tanks is not something we need more of in the game.


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