World of Tanks – Bonus Code (NA, EU)



  • Reserves
  • “Made in the USSR” style
  • Some people also received 3 days of premium account and crew skins, rumour has it you can only get these 2 rewards if you completed Tankfest missions.

Update: The code is not valid anymore!

0 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Bonus Code (NA, EU)

  1. \”Some people also received 3 days of premium account and crew skins\” – yesterday code and today code gave you one extra token for \”Road to Tankfest\” mission set and this is reward for 5 tokens. First 3 tokens were from actual missions in game.

  2. Cannot redeem Code Technical issues!

    since Tankfest started we have been waiting for codes … that work, any codes
    AND with watching your Twitch streams for \’codes\’ that never arrive

    go suck a fucking dick Wargame

    your PR promotion skills have gone back to 5 years ago (bad old days
    btw, is \’Storm\’ in charge of the Tankfest codes giveaways by any chance hmm?

    feels so much like \’go fuck yourself\’ all over again ……………………..

  3. Cannot redeem WG code due to technical issues.
    Kind of a sad step up from expired I guess..

  4. its free but still the camo is just a copy of existing one . lazy wargaming but ill take more free ones but ill never buy one .

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