WoT – June 20th micropatch

And another one

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• An error due to which decals were incorrectly displayed when observing Allied technology in the after-death mode.
• Error in which the “Activated” status of the personal reserve was incorrectly displayed: + 25% of combat experience for 2 hours.
• An error in which the sequence of opening web components in the game client led to the inoperability of the referral program 2.0.
• Error of excessive smoke density on the Redshire map in artillery sight mode.

0 thoughts on “WoT – June 20th micropatch

  1. Please fix 2 things in FLine:
    – cooldown period: put it at 20 seconds. Be cand 30 secs is too much.
    – fix target \”jumps\” in sniper mode, especially for progettos.

  2. WG is just shitting on the players, they just push out crap and don\’t bother to test it.

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