0 thoughts on “WoT – Tank Academy #2: KV-1

  1. Binocs camo net
    Dear GOD no wonder there are so many terribad players in this game.
    If you are not using Coated Optics, Gun rammer and GLD or Vents.
    And wonder why you are always getting shot by invisi tanks.

    Well you can thank videos like this.

    1. I understand listening is difficult but let me spell it out for you. He did mention vents rammer GLD as optimal. And if youre using coated optics on a KV1 then oh boy no better than your \’\’terribad\’\’ players. When you first start the game you dont have 1.6m credits for optimal equipment but WG gives you free camo net and toolkit. so why not use them? faster repair time? awesome camo net makes almost no difference but hey could save your skin. binocs? also great that extra view range except over an empty slot? good deal. You are a prime example of someone with 50k battles and an orange to yellow WN8. Just because something isnt better doesnt mean its bad.

        1. WN8 can be flawed but if you constantly do no damage it reflects on your WN8. It\’s accurate on low WN8 650 and below especially when you look at number of battles as well to see 0k battles 600wn8 is not bad 50k battles same WN8 is pathetic. Same if you see 14k battles 170 WN8 you know they\’ll do something dumb like shoot at rocks and try to drive past the red line (seen it myself). WN8 stops being reliable past 1200 I\’ve seen 1200 people do insanely good and I\’ve seen them do a lot of 0 damage.

  2. small note on the order of consumables, 1. FIRST AID KIT. 2 REPAIR KIT.
    this makes 4, 4 heal your driver. the most common crew memeber knocked out.
    this makes 5, 5 heal your tracks. the most common item repaired.

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