World of Tanks RU – Updated list of prohibited game modifications

Taking into account that the majority of players update modifications after the release of the next version of the game, we decided to combine the changes described below with the release of update 1.5.1. Thus, the transition to new modifications and assemblies of modifications that do not contain prohibited ones will be as painless as possible.

The actual change in the list of prohibited modifications will take place on the day of update 1.5.1.

We always follow your feedback in order to keep abreast of the frequently discussed topic of the community – game modifications, usually called simply mods. They give the user an unfair advantage that can spoil the game to other combatants.

For the last three years, we have carefully monitored the use of mods in World of Tanks and punished it during campaigns to block violators. Fair play will always be our priority, and today we are ready to take new measures to keep it that way.
Updating the list of prohibited modifications

Thanks to constant monitoring and your feedback, we have identified several new game modifications that give the user an advantage over other players. This is definitely not fair, so we decided to add to the list of prohibited game modifications:

1. Mods showing the direction of the guns on the mini-map.

Modifications that display the direction of the guns in some way (for example, as a line or sector) on the minimap.

2. Mods pointing to the closest opponents.

Modifications that indicate in some way the direction of the nearest opponents who are out of the player’s field of view.

3. Mods that indicate the location of the enemy further than draw distance.

Modifications that indicate in any way (for example, labels, objects, or indicators) the location of the enemy on the playing field abroad.

For now these game modifications are not prohibited – the new fair play policy will take effect with the release of update 1.5.1. However, taking advantage of the moment, we want to notify you in advance: if you use these mods, delete them.

Soon there will be another campaign to block the accounts of violators on the basis of the current (not updated) fair game policy. Even if it happens after the release of update 1.5.1, you will not be blocked for using the above modifications.

But in subsequent campaigns, an updated list of prohibited modifications will be taken into account. Those who, despite our warnings, will continue to use the above mods, will be punished.

What mods are prohibited? New edition

We also decided to clarify some criteria by which a game modification is considered forbidden, malicious and undesirable. Therefore, we have changed some formulations and made them more accurate. It is in our common interest that the violators do not have a single chance to spoil the game to honest tank crews.

So, here is the updated list of criteria for prohibited modifications (changes in the wording in bold). Players found to use them will be penalized.

  • Modifications denoting the position of the enemy in a manner different from the game implemented in the client. Mods that mark destroyed objects on the playing field or mini-map, change the way of displaying the tracers of artillery projectiles, or calculate and display the position of the enemy’s artillery according to its tracers, show illuminated cars, even if the player does not aim at them and does not direct the sight.
  • Modifications that facilitate the evasion of enemy shots by determining the enemy’s aiming point or projecting the projected flight path of the projectile onto the playing field, for example, using a beam emanating from its model area.
  • Modifications that report reloading enemy machines and display their reload timers.
  • “Smart” sights, which offer more features than the standard target capture functionality implemented in the client. Including sights, which are automatically aimed at weakly armored or vulnerable places of the machines or at the enemy’s vehicles as a whole, and also fix the sight at the target behind the obstacle or count ahead of the player.
  • Modifications that allow you to automatically use the standard (non-premium) equipment before the announcement of the result of the battle.
  • Modifications that change the transparency of objects on the map.
  • Modifications that display any tags or indicators on the playing field in the place where the opponent was seen by someone from the player’s team.
  • Any modifications that change the parameters of the equipment or game objects, affect the gameplay and violate the rules of the game.


What will be the repercussions?

Let’s take the rules seriously and play fair! Remember: players found to use prohibited mods for the first time will receive a warning and account blocking for 7 days. Accounts of players caught using the prohibited game modifications again, will be blocked forever.

Mods portal is still the only place to download game modifications, officially approved by Wargaming. Using them, you can not worry about the violation of the rules of the game. If you are in doubt whether a modification is forbidden, just visit the mods portal to familiarize yourself with all the proven, as well as new mods for World of Tanks.

0 thoughts on “World of Tanks RU – Updated list of prohibited game modifications

  1. Does this mean the auto lock target mod within 1 sec is forbidden? It just locks target if you right click near the enemy, not aiming at weak points. It is like the wheeled vehicles lock target. It is kinda handy for me because right clicking on an enemy on a small monitor is quite painful.

        1. Me too…in fact, he got a permanent ban.

          To use no mods is the only way to be safe. WG decides what’s legal or not even if legit on WG Mods.

  2. Good, next xvm stats. Better yet, just stop allowing mods altogether… except visual and sound tweaks for historical correctness nerds.

    1. It\’s hard to tell what visual mod is made for fun and which one shows for example effective armor thickness and internal modules such as fuel tanks or ammo rack.
      One solution would be preventing any mod to modify screen (including mark of excellence mod, xvm stats and spotted tanks (this one gives huge advantage sometimes), gun sights), or that simulates keyboard (instant repairs) / mouse(mod preventing friendly fire, aimbots, autoaim).
      I can\’t imagine how WG wants to block mods like transparent bushes, because i think it\’s enough to modify their textures by leaving only outlines or something like that.

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