Wargaming updates their Premium tank restoration process

WG is rarely to be praised for something, permanent absérs, bugs, scandals, and so on. But this case is an exception, they did well, well done.

– The Wargaming Customer Support has updated its loyalty policy. Restriction on the restoration of 1 sold tank 1 time per year was removed, and the whole process was automated with the help of a bot.

Wargaming updated the article and made the automatic functionality of the direct restoration of the equipment without the participation of a real person.

How to restore sold (random) promotional / premium tank?

You can restore the promotional or premium tank directly from the Angar. If you have sold a rare or premium tank that cannot be restored using the in-game mechanism, our loyalty policy will help.


• You can restore any number of tanks without limitation on the statute of limitations.
• For each tank you need to create a separate application. Applications of this type are processed automatically.
• The equipment will be restored without camouflage and with a crew trained up to 50% of the main specialty.
• You must have a free slot in the Angara for each tank you intend to repair.
• The cost of recovering equipment in credits is equal to the cost of a car plus 10%. A detailed list of tanks and the cost of their recovery can be found here: https://vk.cc/9trhXU (Thread is in russian language).
• Equipment removed by Customer Support Center employees, rental cars and any pumped tanks cannot be restored.

The process:

  • You’ll need to login to your account in Wargaming.net website in the respective region of where you are playing. Then go to the WoT customer support. This is how the link works for russian server players:


  • Next, read the rules, if you have not read them above and click on the yellow button: “CREATE AN APPLICATION”.


  • Choose from the selector EXTREMELY NECESSARY for you tank, and in the description of the application we write: “God bless you!” And press: “SEND THE APPLICATION”.


Accrual to your account will occur in less than 1 minute. Do not forget to prepare the slot and loans.

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  1. And EU won\’t get this either, just like we haven\’t got the similar system from NA…

  2. Na has the best system hands down.. 5 recovery and 1 can be counted as a bundle so restore 8 tanks for the cost of 1 recovery.

  3. You dont need that when you simply dont sell prem tanks, which is a stupid thing to do…

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