Update 1.5.1 releases on the night of June 10 – 11

Hello tankers!

I am ready to inform you that on the night of June 10-11, update 1.5.1 will be released.

Let me remind you that M46 Patton KR will be removed from the in-game store. If someone didn’t dare to buy this tank, then you have a couple of days left to think.

0 thoughts on “Update 1.5.1 releases on the night of June 10 – 11

  1. KR is decent tank if anything else.
    It just powercreeped pretty badly for a tier 8 match.

    At least its a decent option beside SPershing if you need an US medium tier 8 trainer.

  2. Wonder why they decided to take the KR out of the shop. The ways of Wargaming are mysterious.

    1. You obviously must be lying, when banning illegal mods they \”always follow your feedback in order to keep abreast of the frequently discussed topic of the community\”. WG are the best developer that listens to their community on all fronts, be it balancing or map design.


  3. those Crew Books look tempering :-
    nice way from WG
    to empty players Garage credits at 2.000.000 a time

    of course all of us who spent LOTS of time and maybe expensive Premium Gold to free XP for crew training over the last 5 years will be PISSED off – wasted our time & money it seems

    still whatever ………………………….

    1. The way I look at it is, like them selling the Carn AX for credits after paying cash for it, if it helps the game be easier for players then I won\’t complain, I\’m happy that their gaming experience is easier and improved.

      I have spent FXP on several commanders to get SS, but now all my future crews will be better because of this change, and hopefully the new and/or F2P player experience will improve now that you don\’t have to wait for a sale or need gold to convert huge amounts of FXP off to make applying SS a viable option (FXP is valuable).

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