0 thoughts on “Skill4ltu lag spike aftermath – the problem was mods!

  1. I\’m not surprised at all when some jokers trying to show their \”intelligence\” by questioning the very very basic logic of the game and proved to be wrong afterwards. Enough conspiracy, enough doubt about the simple mathematics behind every mechanics of the game. People obviously don\’t understand the price to have back-doors behind some very basic stuff. It would be possible for some small flaws on maps and models to be ignored, but not for the basic mechanics, which powers the game for years. Think about it before doubting mechanics, since you would be probably the first player or tester for years to be clever enough to find that out.

  2. thumbs up to skill for admitting it. But it also shows it\’s possible to hack/frig the servers, the answer is to band in gamemods

    1. No you can’t hack the server with mods you imbecile! The only thing you are hacking is your own client. The people having lag had the mod installed (old version).

  3. Unfortunately he didnt explain what really caused the problem. So, why exactly were there lags with some very specific people only? o.O

  4. Another wanker! First thing any idiot with a problem asks is – turn your mods off

  5. Basically to summarize:

    People with mods: \”Game is broken wtf WG
    People who don\’t use mods: \”Disable your mods\”
    People with mods: \”No it\’s not my mods I already tried removing it (lie) and it didn\’t work\”

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