World of Tanks Shell Rebalance Sandbox client available for download

UPDATE #1: Servers will be open 18:00 – 18:30 Moscow time

The shell rebalance sandbox client is ready to update / download via the game center. Servers will go online later today. Happy playtesting tankers!

To download the game client via the Game Center, go to the “All games” tab, choose “Install game by ID”, and then enter the following code: WOT.SB.PRODUCTION@

Note: Wargaming Game Center client should be in English language, as other language speakers have been unable to activate the code and download the client.





0 thoughts on “World of Tanks Shell Rebalance Sandbox client available for download

  1. How do you install it? It doesn\’t show up in the list of aviable game instances? 🙁

    1. In Game Center go to the “All games” tab, choose “Install game by ID”, and then enter the following code: WOT.SB.PRODUCTION@
      Make sure the language of your Game Center client is in english.

  2. I really wonder if this shell rework applies to premium tanks as well. I really hope it does. Otherwise it makes the game massively more pay-to-win.

    1. I think they first need to see concept of it, is it going to work etc. Later they will decide what\’s going to happen with premium vehicles.

      1. Obviously. But it\’s never too early to remind ourselves that the game really does not need any more pay-to-win.
        And this whole rework does sound suspiciously like they could just leave all premium tanks as they are right now (like they did with premium SPGs back when SPGs got reworked) and only nerf standard tanks gold ammo for the sake of \”not offending owners of premium tanks\”.
        See, by WGs own policies this has the potential to go horribly wrong (regarding the healtyness of gameplay). They\’ve done it in the past and they can do it again.

        And this is why I remain skeptical of this rework until I see the complete changes and know it will affect all tanks (premiums, rewards and standards) the same.

        1. I am really curious how this is going to affect premium vehicles. It will create a big shitstorm in both ways. If you don\’t nerf them, it will become even more p2w. If you nerf a premium, everybody and his mother wants his money back.

          Already grabbing my popcorn.

            1. The \’mechanic\’ as you call it with Premium Tanks is simple

              We PAID cash for them as they WERE THEN at that time we opened our Credit cards to WG

              once WG fuck around with (esp) Tier 8 Premiums
              WHO WILL BUY ANY MORE???

              not me!!!
              trust is outa the Window

              1. For most of your post you are right BUT, do you really expect from (any) product/service to be same now as it was years ago (when you bought it).
                For an instance I have trowed away (or sold for minimal price) 2 iPads and 1 PC since 2014 (total price 2K+ Eur), but I still have JT 88 in my WoT garage and use it almost daily…
                If things change globally (let\’s say -10% on pen on all types of ammo) I don\’t see a reason why premium tanks would be excluded from it…

                1. You are totally right but I am afraid if enough special snowflakes like the guy you replied to whine loud enough there is a chance premium tanks might not get affected by the global rebalance.

                  Just look at how he cries. So narrow-minded. This is the kind of person that has the potential to ruin the game for everyone just to serve his own personal interests.

  3. I put previous SB server for download last night.
    The one with 1.0 patch, from 2017.
    At least i hope it will speed up process later. I mean, tanks and maps are downloaded. 😀

  4. any feedback on the new iteration of the shell rebalance is welcomed here, e.g. data and stuff.

    the discussion will beginn early enough …

  5. I\’m really curious to find out what they\’ve come up with. I really don\’t think there\’s a solution that will make everyone happy, but who knows … guess we need to give them the benefit of doubt

  6. Mega huge BUFF for Heavy Tanks & S Heavy Tanks and Heavy Armoured Vehicles coming up

    once Heavy Armoured Vehicles realise that there almost invincible in the shit Corridor & City Maps game will be balance will be damaged badly

    ((the over power Bobjec series of Russian vehicles must be CHEERING this and loudly!

    wait you will see!

    +-1 MM is the best fix to Gold ammo as no more stupid OP Tanks at +2MM
    limit Gold to 5 shells a vehicle only

  7. Am I just dumb or something, but when I run the Sandbox client I don\’t have any experience. Do they really expect us to grind our way up the tech trees?

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