Škoda T 27 3D Style Pictures

Historical 3D style dedicated to the Czechoslovak Škoda T 27. According to Wotclue, the appearance of such a style means another marathon or early sale in the premium store.

Priced at 4000 gold.











0 thoughts on “Škoda T 27 3D Style Pictures

  1. still has that useless 1.8s intra clip? reduce the alpha to 220 and give it 1.5s or lower and maybe i will think about it.
    the progetto 46 is going to love fighting his thing, as it is much better

    1. Calling my honest opinion trolling? I have reasons for thinking this way.
      The TVP series of tanks in this game are intended to unload the whole drum from a surprise attack position and be retreating before the enemy can even traverse their tank to chase.
      When the tank\’s defining feature(intra-clip and aim-time) is basically the same as another tank that can do many more things better(progetto 46) it makes the tank that much more bland… or useless in comparison. a preggetto unloads in 4s while the tvp unloads in 3.6s, whoopty doo.

      if it were me? i would have given the tank a 200 alpha damage drum with 4 shells that can unload in 3.75 seconds. (1.25s intraclip.) This would be balanced, as the pen is only 202 and the size is that of a heavy tank. and hey, a unique premium tank. take my money.

      1. before you say that the intraclip of 3.75 seconds is worse than 3.6, that is for 4 shells.
        the 3 shell 600 damage intraclip is only 2.5 seconds.

      2. You\’re missing the point. Progetto is an autoreloader and trades effective DPM for flexibility, it\’s a very good tank, one of the best premiums in the game. But this thing is autoloader like Skoda T50 at tier 8. It loses the flexibility, but it has better intra-clip and better full clip reload than Progetto and while having all the other good stuff that Progetto has. I think it\’s going to be a very good premium.

  2. Would be really nice with a marathon, but at the same time I hope they consider that not all players want to play the game for 8 hours per day just to get the tank without paying.

  3. If it\’s going to be a marathon tank I hope the marathon will look similar to the TS-5 marathon instead of the EBR 75 FL 10 marathon

  4. This is actually really nice. I wnted to get the T 27 anyway, but now I\’m completely sure.

    1. That\’s exactly what czechoslovakia was… a western oriented country(before ww2) and was occupied by soviets after ww2… so yea… and if you look at some of the guns on the czechoslovakian tanks they are pretty similar to the German ones with tanks trying to be better than t34 at that time 🙂 greetings from Slovakia

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