New Flags – – WoWS

11 New flags added this patch.

Flags New

Port Captain: – Commemorative Flag for reaching Rank 15 in Ranked Battles season 12

Paragraph: No fucking clue what this flag is for.

USS Benham: Flag for the upcoming T9 American Premium Destroyer

Bayard: Flag for the upcoming T8 French Premium Cruiser

Slava: Flag for the upcoming T10 Russian Premium Battleship

Yoshino: Flag for the upcoming T10 Japanese Premium Cruiser

Yuudachi: Flag for the upcoming T7 Japanese Premium Destroyer

Supertester: A New flag for supertesters. There is already 2 of them though, so I am not sure how this one is needed or being used.

Siroco: Flag for the upcoming T4 French Premium Destroyer

Georgia: Flag for the upcoming T9 American Premium Battleship

Kuznetsov: Flag that is attached to ships commanded by the new Admiral Nikolay Kuznetsov Commander.

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  1. 21 June 1919 is the date when the Imperial German fleet was scuttled at Scapa Flow.

    1. Plus it\’s a sneaky way to get the German Empire tricolour into the game without offending the PC crowd, so I\’m looking forward to getting it. I just hope the tasks to acquire it aren\’t tedious or hard.

        1. Lazy to search? Holy wiki sayz: On that day he sent out orders, paragraph 11 of which stated: \”It is my intention to sink the ships only if the enemy should attempt to obtain possession of them without the assent of our government. Should our government agree in the peace to terms to the surrender of the ships, then the ships will be handed over, to the lasting disgrace of those who have placed us in this position.\”

  2. Finally more flags for the very very very very very very very very very very very tiny ships you see in the distance. That\’s what people play for after all. Flags…. 🙂

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