0 thoughts on “LT-432 Available on EU

    1. It\’s Russian. What do you think?
      OF COURSE IT IS. It\’s hands down the best Tier VIII premium light tank.

      1. Best tier 8 tank in general tbh

        Insane mobility, great dpm, great view range, great armor, tiny profile… It has litteraly no downsides. It\’s essentially a really fast medium with LT camo.

        1. What’s the point of good dpm if the gun is trash? Great armor? Against tier 6, maybe. Like a stock tier 6 light might bounce. If you want a medium tank, Progetto is much better, if you want a light – french death on wheels is much better.

          1. You obviously have not played the tank.

            I have bounced tier 9 heavies with that thing, you obviously don\’t have enough raw armor to rely on it but it\’s still so great you Will bounce a lot.

            Also the gun isn\’t trash at all. Pen is low but you have the speed to flank, the accuracy is not enough for sniping but you\’re retarded if you try to snipe in a light tank, and gun handling is great.

            Progetto is not so good when not top-tier. Sure for frontline it\’s the king but it has worse armor than the 432 overall, and the dpm isn\’t ideal.
            And wheeled LTs are all trash except the premium one and the tier X. Before tier 8-9 they\’re not faster than normal LTs, they have crap dpm, crap pen even at higher tiers, and not enough view range to scout well. They\’re just fun because fast but they\’re bad tanks.

            1. Yeah, obviously I was talking about premium EBR. It\’s just so so so so much better. Even armor is better and way more fun. Sure, this ruski light is not tier 8, it\’s tier 8,5 more likely, but it\’s so fucking boring. Normal light tank mobility, trollish armor but it\’s very random, boring low caliber pew-pew gun. Eh, fuck this thing.

    1. with constant food, gold and directive spam, not to mention team members actually helping you bc you are QB, three marking that tank isn\’t difficult.

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