Twitch Prime Problems

Source: EU WoT Support


Some of you may experience issue where Twitch Prime package is not added to the account.

If you have not received the goods, make sure that your Twitch Prime account is bound to your account you re currently playing.

If the issue still persists, go to your account management page and unbound the Twitch account, after this bound it again and play a battle, goods and missions should be added to the account.

Wargaming Support Team”

0 thoughts on “Twitch Prime Problems

  1. Its a long winded process
    joining & Linking Twitch & Amazon then Twitch and WG (WOT

    it seems simple!
    mostly it is (once you\’ve gone through the linking , confirming, confirming again
    then navigating through Twitch Prime )offers drop down box (LOOT


    jeez man
    however if you persist the Goodies you can (at times) get is really cool!
    Alpha was amazing so good
    then Beta Charlie Delta … kinda boring, nice camos here and there but kinda meh!

    Echo! is the best offer yet
    Tiger II (C) free! (yeah its 88cm dpm is stupidly low,
    and alpha is 240 (not the 10,5cm with 320, a shame

    But Tiger II hull armour & top turret (very nice if angled at Tier 7!!

    and a free \’special\’ Commander with 3 perks built in (not a BIA skill though

    surprised WG let us have this!
    but then Amazon prime is £7.90 month so its not really free

    1. If you don\’t use benefits from Amazon Prime then you can unsuscribe from it and get refunded if it wasn\’t a free trial… Worked by all packages so far in my case…

  2. had the same problem, have to unbound and bound and then i got the loot of the last 3 month 🙂

  3. Site owner should compensate for again posting fraud article and cheat readers! Lying Romanians common….

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