Special Shells Rebalancing: Taking Another Step Forward

From EU Portal

Last December, we announced that rebalancing special ammo would be a priority for 2019. This news became one of the hottest topics in the community. The forthcoming changes garnered plenty of suggestions and additional questions, so we carefully analyzed player feedback to understand what steps we should take next.

We also launched several Supertests, experimenting with special ammo settings and tweaking their mechanics, while studying the feedback from our testers. Now we’ve finally gathered all the necessary data and are ready to share more information.

Taking Another Step Forward

From 4 to 10 June, we’re launching a new round of special ammo rebalancing tests on Sandbox, our test open server. An alternative special ammo concept will be featured, different from the one we outlined at WG Fest last December. Full details of the changes will be announced just before the test, so stay tuned!

NOTE: The testing will last only 1 (one) week and will end on June 10, at 11:00 (UTC +2)!

How Can I Take Part?

Everyone can take part in testing – all you have to do is submit an application. After we accept and process your application, you’ll get direct access to the test server. At the same time, you’ll see a special promo screen in your game client.

If you have previously participated in Sandbox tests, then you already have access to testing.


Be the first to experience the revised ammo mechanics and evaluate them for yourself. Join the tests now and share your feedback!

0 thoughts on “Special Shells Rebalancing: Taking Another Step Forward

  1. Prepare for something retarded. That\’s the only reason they don\’t want to reveal the plans yet.

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      Insulting name. No valid post. Using fake accounts to upvote himself.

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        And it would be pointless because he just can use another account

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  2. They have to finetune the level of retardness, thats why they won´t share any information yet.

    1. Finetuning or not, they could have told us what concept we are going to test without the exact details.

  3. The only thing that might make sense is a longer reload time for premium ammo.
    The can\’t reduce the pen and it surely makes no sense to reduce the damage of a premium shell.

    1. Increasing reload and decreasing damage has the same effect on the long run

    2. Fumbling with reload times is just confusing to players. Also it makes no sense at all.
      How you tell the player how long the logner ammo swap cost? Cluttering the UI ???

      Just lower the damage and that\’s that. If you spam, you spam less dmg. that simple

      1. Ah, I see you are a retarded superheavy player as well, not just a furry

        1. No, that’s just basic good game design. If a shell is going to have higher pen it should also have some sort of relevant downside other than just cost, which has no actual effect on gameplay.

          1. I completely agree with this. Credits should not be used as a balancing factor for ammo. Let all players use the same tools in battle, regardless if they sit on a mountain of 100 million credits or if they just bought a shiny new tank and now are out of credits 🙂

  4. I don\’t like how they disclose the changes. I bet they\’re embarrassed to show how they butchered the gold ammo (i.e. made it worse).

    1. Embarrassing is your post.

      Why would a company… not share every test with an easily excitable community? One that has been proven to get hyped and mad at tiny change (no matter how much they like it afterward)…

      i wonder why they would not share every angle of approach, even if it\’s just meant to gather data (and confirm a suspicion, like doing the math backward in school) …

      Wouldn\’t it make more sense to have millions vote on every suggestion?

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It was a pleasure to read.

  5. Anything that isn\’t a hardcap on the amount you can carry or a simple removal is a bad solution.

    – reducing pen will make SHTs unkillable.
    – reducing alpha will require you to fire more of it, increasing the spam, the negative impact on armor as people will just carry even more, and costing more credits thus making it even harder for free2play players (more pay2win).

    If they hardcap it to 15 or 20% of your max loadout, you can still use it when you need it, but you can\’t spam it without thinking at all otherwise you might run out when facing an armored enemy. Then the only issue will be tanks with huge ammo capacity but that\’s easier to rebalance than what we have now.

    Plain removal of gold would require a complete rebalance or armor and penetration in the game, aka lots of work related to balance, aka they would screw this up but they\’re too lazy to even try.

    1. Percentage cap is another short sighted solution. Say it is a 20% cap – an IS-7 now gets 6 rounds of gold, while a Maus has 14 rounds of gold. Not to mention that the HP difference means that with just 6 gold rounds an IS-7 cannot kill the Maus without high rolling, while the Maus could almost kill the IS-7 three times without resorting to silver. It also ignores the fact that different pen values means some tanks need to fire a lot more gold than others.

      1. Just fucking manually set a number down for each tank. FFS, WG has the money and manpower to do that. Motherfuckers just don\’t wanna spend any effort on it.

        1. i say to give to all heavys like 10 gold shells, tds with big alpha 5, and meds with low alpha 15

      2. Your \’argument\’ is invalid.

        First they said: they won\’t change ammo equally.
        Second: you can nerf HP of SHT a little or introduce weak spots
        Third: Learn to play the freaking game.

        You are talking about a standoff between is7 and maus…. which makes no sense in any world.
        They won\’t stand in the open and trade shots. Who does that? Do you!? Sounds quite smart!

        An Is7 will go hulldown and leave no chance to the maus.
        Options for maus: camp (aka stalemate) or push through and sacrifice….> hitpoints… ohhh!! enlightenment!

        Every tank got it\’s trade-offs, with our without gold spam.
        Clearly, a detail which yet has not reached you.

        Lemming train. Unnecessary camping tanks. YoloWarriors. Teamkillers, Ignoring Minimap movements… << i think those destroy more games a day than any figurative (and unrealistic) scenario

        BESIDES it's way more likely they CAP THE DAMAGE PER SHOT… not the number of rounds… which would be quite disastrous to balance and go against 'players choice'.

        25% less damage = world is good. (plus minus additional balancing)

    2. Reducing the damage will not make the game more p2w. It will make players who spam gold constantly do LESS damage overall than a smart player who actually chooses their ammo carefully

    3. disagreed. you fail to mention the premium ammo being cheaper. a reduced alpha would be healthy for the game. armored tanks should be balanced based off of this change

    4. I think that making game more pay 2 win is exactly what WG is aiming for. And superheavies are already sort of unkillable by some lower tier tanks already.
      I see the problem elsewhere – gold ammo was not rebalanced since patch 8.6 which was released almost exactly 6 years ago. Some tanks have APCR with huge penetration drop, because they are not supposed to snipe, other have 330pen HEATs on tier 9.
      Has someone noticed T-54 having 330pen, Cent7 having 258pen and M46 having 225pen at 500m with gold ammo? Is T-54 supposed to be excellent sniper with it\’s turret armor?

  6. Is it really that much of a problem that it\’s getting address before their terrible map design, arty and most of all over armoured tanks.
    It\’s like curing cancer by injecting Ebola, give some of these joke tanks actual weakspots to aim for.
    They are going to end up needing special ammo, then adding weakspots, net effect zero.
    All while arty and their shit map makers are ruining the game.

  7. The most important thing they have to do is to make all shells cost roughly the same. If they feel that higher penetration rounds are needed to counter superheavies etc, well that\’s fine, but they should fix the rediculous cost. Players should not need to stop buying new tanks just because they want to be as competetive as someone that can shoot premium ammo and use premium consumables.

  8. As always instead of doing what the players want they going to mess it up and piss everyone off. So tired of wargaming killing there own game. Just nerf the damage and call it a day. Only reason they didn\’t say what it is because they know people going to rage well maybe don\’t do what you always do wargaming and mess things up further.

    1. To be fair to WG. What is it that the \”players\” want? Because from what I see, there\’s atleast 2-3 popular ideas floating around. On top of that, I hardly see anyone mentioning a fix to the cost (i.e. making all shells cost the same), which is also very important.

    2. Nerfing damage is huge buff to tanks such as superheavies and TDs like T95 which is hard to penetrate even with golds. I guess idea behind gold ammo rebalance is to make people spend more money. First phase was making maps less campy by forcing tanks to fight in corridors, second was introducing superheavies and removing weakspots.

  9. You know what would solve this entire situation return gold ammo back to being gold only then you will truly know who the shills are as it would require you to be MLG or a true wallet warrior

    1. Oh yes, and then what? Insult them in chat? Oh wait they turned that off…
      Also wouldn\’t change the unfair nature.

      Troll comments. pfff

    2. You know just because it was even worse before, doesn\’t mean that it\’s good now. That\’s like saying that the Vietnam war was good because before that we had WW2.

      1. Oh, nice how he compares real-life death with a game patch. Not dramatic hm?
        Would i hear high-pitched screams if there is a spider in your home?

        -but i am GLAD you agree it is a STEP in the right direction!

        1. Relax dude. That reply was meant to the guy with the weird name, not you 🙂 And I compared it to wars in real life, not death. Because I don\’t understand the point people are trying to make when they go \”yeah but before it was even worse so you shouldn\’t complain now\” :/

  10. u kidding me ? thats the worse scenario and its pure pay to win . whoever is rich plays better ….

  11. most likely i would guess they are experimenting with the percentage of damage loss on special rounds .maybe the 30 % was 2 much , or stuff like that . possible also adjusting the cost of the shells like, being expensive but not as before .

    1. +like

      I fully agree. However, 25% for both seems fair to me. A noticeable simple cut.
      The cost naturally will have to go down, which will benefit non-prem users 🙂

  12. Reducing the Ammo DAMAGE by 25% seems fair.
    Do you have to spam it all the time? In Testserver- as well as big battles? Clanwars? Low tiers!?
    If so: Your stats should reflect your \”skill\”.

    AS FOR SUPER HEAVIES >> you can nerf those HP slightly (not by 25% or the howl change is pointless) or add minor weakspots here n there.

    BUT you cannot just have a problem and say \”oh but we then would have to change 2 things and that\’s impossible!!\” or we run in fucking circles like we did the past DECADE. (as proven by countless \’anti-gold spam\’ protests across forums and platforms).

    Wargaming did take its sweet time to consider those changes (seeing data we don\’t).
    They don\’t lightly change such a huge source of income… – i think the Market shown they still love money and YET… this seems to break the game to a degree they see as THREAT. Think about that!

    However… to be fair…
    during the last year(s) WG clearly made efforts to get things done right! (= more fun!)
    New engine. New med balance and matchmakers. Map reworks/bans, low tier HP buff…

    ALL that is left is that freaking \”i am a Tomato and shoot HEAT at Light tanks\” crap.

    I welcome such changes to gold-ammo, because it should NOT make you a gold(medal)-player.

    Also lets face it: its rather unfair for those not using the premium account and every other store offer.
    This is not any different from when gold ammo literally was ammo bought with gold… (aka pay to win) – only that the pay2win was pushed around a corner.

    Spending more still gives an advantage with NO drawback.

    At this point i think its fair to say that most people commenting against this are:
    – bad players (needy of spam)
    – afraid to lose their stats (without considering, everyone will play with said changes)
    – are misinformed or not at all (and atm there is little to no information, so speculation is pointless)
    – or just love to cry about every change, since change is frightening since it means progress.

    Now that\’s an audience.

    – if this goes through WG, against all odds, becomes one of my favorite devs.
    I think i will start to compare them more to CCP… (minus a functional chat system)^^

    1. They should just remove premium ammo completely. If they want high penetration rounds, they can still add them as standard rounds, with the same cost as regular rounds and some drawbacks to compensate for the high penetration 🙂 I\’m glad to read that you actually mentioned the cost, because unfortunately a lot of players that suggest a solution completely forgets the P2W nature of the current premium ammo.

  13. The perfect thing to do is limited the gold ammo for every tanks. Very often \”unicum\” players spam gold, they lost a lot of credits but they don\’t care. Everyone can be good at this game spamming gold. If the gold ammo avaible is limited everyone would use them only when needed, and start to use flanking manouvers, use brain, and aim at the weakspot. If you found a Maus or Type 5 you can shoot some gold in the front but you can use too the ability of your tank to flank them. Every tank is strong, the playstyle is different. If you master it you can play without too many gold even if you are bottom tier

    1. You forgot to mention a fix to the cost 🙁 That\’s one of the most important fixes. I don\’t think that anyone actually cares if someone spams premium ammo at a Leopard 1 or Batchat. But to make it more fair for players that don\’t have plenty of credits, the premium rounds should cost the same as the standard rounds 🙂

      1. The premium ammo should cost the same as the normal only if balanced in that way
        + pen – dmg
        + dmg – pen
        If the pen is much better and the dmg the same, the cost should be very high, cause you have an advantage

        1. Nope, it should always cost the same. Credits should be used to purchase tanks and equipment, not to balance battles. Why? Because some people will be able to get much more credits than others, and balancing a battle by credits also gives these players an unfair advantage in battle. This is why premium ammo is P2W.

  14. Make the Match Making into +-1 MM
    roll back the OP power creep of all the Russian Bobjects & Super Heavy Vehicles back to 2016 era

    then reduce the count of Gold shells to say 7 \’only\’ per Tank
    simply put it forces players to learn Tank Weak spots with normal AP

    simple really
    but then I don\’t work at ~ milk-maximum-cash flow-from EU server- Wargame – \”Go fuck yourself\” comrade

    1. i disagree with literally everything you just said. the mm change would make the game bland and the matchmaker would take longer. camping the premium rounds is a lazy solution. there are only a FEW bobjects that need a nerf. such as the 430U, 257, and 277 needs slight hull nerf

  15. I for one, will reserve judgment until I test it, but I don\’t really expect anything.

  16. Make it so that if you don\’t have any gold ammo in your tank then you can\’t be damaged with goldammo.

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