0 thoughts on “Black Market Day 8 #2: Foch 155

  1. Bought mine for 6.1mil back in the day, before it got replaced by the Foch B

  2. I have 31 Mil left, but I am skipping the Foch for 25 Mil. Its novelty value is not worth that much silver. It should sell out though. There are over 6k left after 7 minutes.

    1. Not worth it? obviously you\’ve never seen how deadly it is with a full HE loadout. I\’ve got a 61% winrate in mine shooting only HE and its fucking hilarious.

  3. 750 dpm tank. i remember when i started to play wot in 2013, this was even worse than bobject, now it is a joke. well, so much for the black market, maybe next time we will have better option ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. For me as a collector, it is a great great day. Never thought that i could get it in my garage. I am happy.

  5. 3×750 alpha with 50 sec clip load and 5 sec shell loading time….hardly a novelty……if you fluf 1 shot you are buggered….better buy Foch B…..btw I got my Foch 155 for 5 million (it was on discount) and I even got another free tier 10 (Foch B)

      1. They changed the consummables in Frontline (only one for the artas now) and other stuff about this gamemode, it should be out on the main page.

    1. Yeah, i couldn\’t get into the Test Server last night. Have the shut down the test server for this patch?

  6. The British T10 TD Premium at 23 million credits I though was pricey at least it has decent armour and a Turret (yes 45 left & right) and HE ammo that does 1700 damage
    & HESH ammo

    but 25 million for a \’power crept old French T10 TD\’ (without a turret in todays WOT is a lol

    that 5 seconds between shots/ clip is a real bummer as well
    reliable armour? well maybe 3 years ago now its armour is Cheese at T9 and T10

    Foch 155 v The new \”top of the stupidly OP Ruskie Tree for June\” Russian T10 Bobject ~ which will Win today ((Bobject 100%

    btw at 17.45 BST and there is still 3500 of them left in the \’warehouse\’ after 1.5 hours

  7. IM SO HAPPY! Got one for my main and one for my alt account! Always good to be well stocked in gold and credits! lel

  8. 25 mil credits รท 400 = 62500 or so gold = around $400 real money.nice to have that much lying round. Wargaming you\’ve done it again… well done

  9. i bought only Caernarvon AX, cause it\’s a premium tank and it was the only one i wanted when i read the leaked tanks that were suppose to be offered at Black market; those tier X tanks are not premium tanks and are not that good, and their price were way to high to worth, maybe for the collector it did worth.

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