Black Market Extended

Until May 31 at 7:00. It’s because of the extra T34 Black we had. We expect IS-6 Black and Foch 155 to come, along rare tier 10 styles.



“T34 B was an additive, not a substitute. Three shipments are waiting. All of them not yet seen on the black market.

Tomorrow morning.
And tomorrow night.
The black market will close the day after tomorrow, May 31, at 7:00 (Moscow time). ”

The schedule remains as follows:
Lot 13: May 29, Wednesday – 19:00 Moscow time
Lot 14: May 30, Thursday – 07:00 Moscow time
Lot 15: May 30, Thursday – 19:00 Moscow Time

0 thoughts on “Black Market Extended

  1. I sure hope they bring back the Sexton just one more time. I was in battle at 8 AM EDT and when it went on sale and when I got to the Black Market 12 minutes later it was sold out. I was SOOO mad… I\’ve been waiting to get this tank for years.

  2. Tonight: Styles confirmed
    Tomorrow morning: IS-6B?
    And tomorrow night: Foch 155?

    1. thats what i think too…they will sell is6 in morning because Foch is much more wanted…so they keep it for this, when more players can be online

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