0 thoughts on “Black Market Day 7 #2: Various 3D Styles

  1. Its strange that they did not check if you already have the style. Like with the tanks.

  2. This pricing is lame. 3500 Gold for all 4 would be too much. Who the hell is spending 3500 Gold per camo. Regular camo is 90×3=270 Gold for a tank, so a special camo shouldn\’t go for 13 times the price. Maybe 500 Gold or a million credits.

    1. Correction: Regular camo is 150×3=450 Gold for a tank, so a special camo could be for double at 900.

    1. This camo mod is only for own personal visual pleasure…..most important there is no real bonus for camo

  3. well…this can be a very good new

    selling camos for gold means there are very high chances that last tanks will be for credits both
    i mean is6 and foch (foch for sure because its tier X)

  4. Pfftt.. 3.5k gold for one skin.. Was hoping for a skin for credits.. Next one please

  5. Think Wargame are \’now\’ thinking we the EU server will buy \”Any old shit\”
    as its the, Black Market …. ?

    3500 Gold (each lol) what a fucking JOKE! what the fuck is so \’Black Market\’ about a Camo Skin!

    in Wargames own language \’Go Fuck Yourself\’

  6. Why is everyone so hyped about the Foch 155 ? Its not even that good.. Long ass reload on full and on intraclip reload.. Its the \’750 dpm tank\’ for a reason you know.. Next, the gun traverse is meh at best.. And even the mobility is nothing to brag about

    1. For the same reason everyone is excited for the FV4005 and FV183: for the one time out of 10 where the tank works and memes happen

      Tank may not be good but it still has a 3×750 dmg autoloader. The fear factor is pretty high, and the meme potential too.

    2. Its just the novelty factor with Foch 155 and FV 183. You can have a laugh and YOLO a few games, most likely not caring for stats as you will have a number of bad games before you have that one game that makes the purchase worth it for the memes. Its like the Common Test Server, where everyone wants to drive insane Alpha damage TDs for the LOLs.

      1. What do you mean by \”for the memes\”? I know what a meme is, but i don\’t understand what you mean.

      2. Hope they sell the foch… im sitting at 73% mark of excelence… will be nice to see that jump to 90 in a week.

    1. A rental King Tiger.

      Hmm, the original Tech Tree version is under powered, under armored and under gunned. Why would we want to play a rental version that looks pretty much identical?

      Nice to get the other two as rentals though: Strv 1 and AMX 13 57.

  7. it is only under*everything* if u expect Tiger II to be a tier VIII tank, because it should not be.

    As other geman tanks (panther, tiger I) you can only have the correct version as a premium tank, of course, that means moving them one tier down where they should be, instead of having fantasy guns that ruins their looks (and the panther, man, the panther fake turret and compensanting barrel, upgraded tier VII panther looks like shit)

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