0 thoughts on “WoT – The Path of Wisdom: WZ-111 model 5A

  1. I meditate and ponder why the hell must they make all vids in 3x speed, the game feels sluggish and slow now. Match the speed! Make slow boring vids, just like the game.

  2. A shame it fights T9 and a lot

    a shame that Japanese Type 4 and O-Ho will not aim just point in your direction somewhere or othe,r for 900 & 700 damage guaranteed

    So while \”you in response\” (try) to aim at weak spots in your 192 pen AP shell gun with shit accuracy, and do a bounce and bounce, and etc …

    not to mention the Tier 8 Super Heavy bollocks fiction Tanks now in the game
    Preferential MM ~ only see Tier 9 max ITS bullshit complete fucking crap
    Tier 9\’s 65% then Tier 8\’s 30% and ……. Tier 6 maybe 5%

    and the new improved MM Tier 8 normal see T10 far less anyways now …

    Preferential my fucking Arse ……..

    Wargame you are so silly ………. or is it us?

    1. What is your major malfunction? This is a Tier X tank, not a Tier VIII with preferential MM.

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