Black Market: #Where is my Caernarvon AX

„We have been informed that some of the players who purchased the FV215b (183) and Caernarvon Action X were credited, but did not see the tank. We have actively addressed this problem. The expected solution time is about 5 hours.

The problem resulted from the huge overload of the premium store. We have repeatedly increased the processing capacity of the store, but it turned out that it is still not enough to meet the desire of players who want to own these vehicles.”

ADckii, RU Community Manager

Pic from rykoszet

0 thoughts on “Black Market: #Where is my Caernarvon AX

  1. Truly an enigma, how could stupid sale activity overflow the store? Never happened before in human history!

    I wonder, what will happen if I set fire to my house, will it burn down? Expectations?

    WG ass-for-brains greedmongers broke the sales system, but made piles of cash profit, so they will not be punished, bonuses and promotions all around.

    Players will be compensated by directives and personal reserves.

  2. FV215b (183)
    nice Tier 10 Premium shiny in my Garage
    message said ~ the item will appear in your Garage within the next 50 minutes

    by the time I exited the Store
    clicked British Tech Tree
    There she was all new my 1st (probably only) Tier 10 Premium Tank
    this all took less than 1 min

    mind you it was selling slow even after 40 mins there were 3000 or so still left for sale in the \’Warehouse\’

    The Action X Tier 8 was going down by the 200~300\’s every 10 seconds, I guess was less than 3 mins?

    this is a WG admin end problem
    \’digital goods\’ don\’t \’overflow\’
    there fiction non-existing, nothing to move\’ its just computer code its lightning fast

    1. \”there fiction non-existing, nothing to move’ its just computer code its lightning fast\”

      You have no idea what you are talking about. I am not trying to defend WG, it is their fault, but what you just wrote is nonsense.

      Have you ever heard of database serialized access ? Probably not right ?

  3. I wrote \”Stfu child,calm down u will get ur tank\”because everyone spammed something like FU WG,WG Tards etc…and i got chat banned…

  4. Incompetent staff all that can be said…. after 17 hours still did not get the tank, what a joke that it will be fixed in 5 hours

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