0 thoughts on “Black Market Day 4 #2: Caernarvon Action X

  1. Dissapointment, i had to buy this with real money, it is so unfair, this offer is even worse than alpine tiger -_-

    1. you didnt HAD to buy it…you WANTED to buy it

      it was already for free in marathon anyway…

    2. well then, what about those who bought black dog and fcm and sexton with real money? for them isn\’t unfair? did you bought black dog?

  2. wth… bought it, credits gone, shop wont let me buy it, and its still not in garage… anyone getting this?

    1. Some body on NA has been posting in multiple threads about it. Only one person though, as far as I know. File a ticket and wait till the workweek starts, I guess.

    2. bought it quickly, was done in less than 20s, got the \”already purchased screen\” (took a screen shot), but no tank in the garage. Refreshed game client and still not there. Sent a ticket.

    3. Whole EU server apparently got this, including me. Still waiting for tank, and credits are gone…

      1. yup. i have it too, from before, but man, it was gone faster than type 59 gold….and it was 15k of them, not 1k , like type…. again, wow

    1. Wasn\’t around for this but meh, not interested in this tank anyway. Looks like the leaked list was pretty accurate after all, just the order is wrong. In which case, I guess there\’ll be no H38, B2 or the captured Tiger II in the Black Market after all.

  3. thank god i have it already for free. didnt want to miss out cause im not home

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