1.5 – New Tanks In The Game Files – Pictures

PS: Does anyone know how to make Tank Inspector work?

King Tiger (C)

A captured version of the KT. Premium likely.


Type 59 Gold

Today they added the Type 59 Gold into the client, it might be sold. Its ingame price is 15000 gold but it doesn’t have the x2 base exp coefficient like in China. Expect a bundle for it.

FV1066 Senlac

Tier 8 British premium light.

0 thoughts on “1.5 – New Tanks In The Game Files – Pictures

    1. is there something new??
      from what i know they already sold it not so long ago…
      and its buffed version of course -,-

        1. Can\’t see the problem. It\’s nowhere near as op as it used to be (or how many Type 59 do you see ruling the battlefield in Frontline?) – and as far as \’collecting\’ virtual tanks is concerned, that\’s a bit of an absurd notion anyway as far as I\’m concerned. Sure, I can see why some of those who have it don\’t want others to do so because having one really used to be something special at some point, but well … \’the biggest mistake Wargaming could make?\’ Hardly.

    2. Why would it be so bad???
      It\’s not OP and at this point its not even that rare anymore.
      I\’ve had one for years and it used to be very strong but its meh now.

    3. in my Type 59 60% of my battles are T8 v T9 so mostly -1MM which the Type 59 suffers with,

      30% are all +-0 MM single Tier 8 which again is not best for Type 59 even with modest buffs,

      10% can be with T6 or T7 this is rare ….

      Preferential MM has been screwed over royally by WG last few years
      – – esp with the new MM where normal +-2 MM T8\’s get much reduced T10 MM

      so Preferential at T8 is not what it is supposed to be

  1. >>Today they added the Type 59 Gold into the client, it might be sold. Its ingame price is 15000 gold but it doesn’t have the x2 base exp coefficient like in China. Expect a bundle for it.

    Well, more interesting would be whether he has the double credits. I really dont care about x2 base exp. But where you can check about the XP factor right now?

  2. So selling the rarest / most legendary vehicle in this game, in a skin that makes it even rarer because never available in this server before, at double the gold price of the original Type59 with no difference other than the camo (not even the x2 multipliers that made it worth so much in the first place).

    This sounds like a shitty joke from the beginning to the end. But it\’s WG so…

    1. So potentially offer something players wanted and would pay vast amount of money for, for in game currencies is a shitty joke?

    2. You can get the gold skin for Type 59 in some mod packs. If there are no other benefits to gold version then just apply skin.
      Only prob is that only you see it.

  3. If the Type 59 appears on the black market for 50 million. That would be something. Then again, I would be more surprised if anyone of those did.

  4. 59 is well rounded, but not particular good at anything. Jack of all trades.
    Get one in christmas boxes. That\’s perhaps 50~100 (max) and its not JUST the 59, but HALF A DOZEN tanks and A FUCK LOAD of gold and stuff…

    As for the King Tiger… yeah i want that 🙂
    To bad the real VKA (first iteration isn\’t sold no more) 🙁

    Like they broke my Panther II … sigh
    at least my Idien is buffed. so thats a little heads up

  5. Would like to be hyped about Type 59G being a possible thing in the West, but my T-34-3 does a good job anyway and is perhaps a better trainer since both WZ-120 and 121 use big ass guns.

    Also, we might as well forget WG will ever do something for T-34-2. 🙁

  6. I can\’t find senlac, but found T-27 czech tier 8 medium, T-78 us tier 6 tank destroyer and premium sherman firefly. Also some Mi-To and Type89 in JPN tree, but these might be aliases for existing sh..stuff

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