0 thoughts on “Black Market Day 1: M41 90 GF

  1. thats really shocking..what the heck is going on??

    did they finally get rid of P2W and started to reward all players or…care about them??

    thats not WG anymore…something happened.
    I really cant believe what i see…

    its just TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE ! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. It\’s actually in the Store tab ingame, you will have to manually click on it, top left.

  2. I hope free2play players will take advantage of this event, this is the best chance they ever had to get tier 8 premiums without turning WoT into their job. It happens just after Frontline as well so people should have quite a bit of credits saved.

  3. Nice… so i forgot to swap my M41 90 GF to a leKpz M 41 90 and now i cant buy the camoless version… i think i fukked myself here… MEH!!!

    1. The same video has been posted by the NA server as well, so you only need to look closer. It\’s in the ingame Store tab, on the lefthand side.

      1. I just did it, I can not see any black market buttons … Could you post a screenshot?

          1. It\’s weird … I can not see it … the game just updated but nothing appears …

            1. Try checking for game integrity. Others from NA seem to have no trouble finding it.

  4. now this really starts to look like a F2P game !
    hats off WG ! Thats what can make your game the best.

  5. I reckon it will be all the \’black\’ tanks: T-34, Pz 58, IS6 etc. Anyone got any ideas?

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