1.5.1 – 1st Public Test

On Thursday, May 16, the 1.5.1 public test update should take place (unless something goes wrong, it will be postponed to Friday). You will be able to download the update for the test server only from around 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm Moscow time.

The installer can be downloaded from this link: HERE

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    1. The medium reworks they\’ve tested recently, top tier arty rework, Tier VIII grand battles and changes to a few maps

  1. They first said, they would bring the tank rebalance after shell rebalance. makes sense. i guess they scraped the shell rebalanced, as they did before, years ago. i guess it\’s too risky to make such deep changes to the game…

    1. Their idea of ammo rework is retarded anyway and wouldn\’t fix any of the issues.

      1. disagreed, reducing alpha damage by 15%~-25%~ on rounds with a direct pen increase will fix the issues. you should be rewarded for effectively using standard ammunition. don\’t reply back with anything to do with credits.

        1. I\’m going to reply back to you regarding credits because that\’s the main issue. Having an asset as vital as premium ammo, and then only make it aviable for the ones that can afford it is horrible design. A player should not be forced to decide between being competetive OR making progress in the form of buying new tanks, training new crew etc. The exact same applies to consumables. Also I disagree with you, using just 1 ammo type, regardless if it\’s standard or premium, should by punished, not rewarded. What should be rewarded is actively switching between different kinds of ammo types depending on the situation, and that\’s also the design that promotes the most skill. In my opinion, they should make a realistic rebalance of all ammo types, and the cost of repair + ammo + consumables should be included in a service cost that is constant for each tank.

        2. You\’re wrong, just like all average player morons. People will still want to penetrate something as close to 100% as possible. AND it will only INCREASE premium ammo USAGE because you\’ll need more shots to kill an enemy. The only time premium ammo won\’t be used is when said person is fighting against a paper armored enemy.

          1. and theres a very easy solution for this : WEAKPOINTS !

            nobody need p2w ammo if tanks have proper weakpoints and nobody can complain about armor not workng anymore if become all about knowledge.

            you know enemy weakpoints and hit them- you deserve to win and do damage
            you know your own weakpoints and hide them or make harder to be hit? – then you deserve to block damage and survive

            its all about this skills / knowledge on both sides.

            iif you hit the weakpoint you kill your enemy, if you miss that point or dont know, then armor works and blocks your damage.

            so easy….but WG must come with some imbecile ideas and ruin the basics…-,-

          1. That IS the idea behind that!

            They need a credit sink now, because every player has millions of credit shekels lying around after three and a half episode of frontlines and the introduction to WoT premium Acc and its buff to credits (in platoons and with the reserve).

            1. and? wheres the problem if some players want to collect credits??
              from what i know theres no limit or drawback for having lots of credts…so wheres the problem?

              true, thats a imbalance created by premium things but also dont forget that players WITHOUT premium things still strugle of having even the necessary credits or income..
              so what we do?? Create credit sinks wich affect ALL PLAYERS just to give some tools for those premium players to use their credits while others cant even earn enough, let alone those idiotic sinks wich affect them too

              thats just idiotic

              1. \”thats just idiotic\”

                A true solution from Wargaming (c) 2011 – 2019, don\’t you think?



    1. So them NOT introducing bond shop, is them looking for a way to profit of tanks for bonds? Strange thinking you have there, sir

      1. Why? Because you own some of them? That doesn\’t mean they should be unavailable to new players as well.

  3. Version 1.5.1 can already downloaded, but the server is not online yet πŸ˜‰

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