WG shoves WG Center down our throats

Source: EU Portal

We are transferring players to the Wargaming.net Game Center and building a unified infrastructure for all projects in the Wargaming.net universe. The transition will affect all games, and the next step for all tankers is transferring all Common Test participants to the Game Center.

The Common Test will only be available through the Wargaming.net Game Center. The Common Test launcher will be updated on launch, then all installed games will be imported into the Game Center, including the World of Tanks Common Test client. The will be no other way to launch the Common Test client.

The Common Test client can be accessed here:

What is the Wargaming.net Game Center?

  • Unified infrastructure for all projects in the Wargaming universe.
  • All Wargaming games, as well as the Common Test and the Sandbox in one application.
  • Game access in one click and support for multiple accounts, including accounts from different regions.
  • Flexible game updates: ability to automatically update games when they are not launched.
  • Customer Support Service application management from the app.

0 thoughts on “WG shoves WG Center down our throats

  1. Everything for the customers….

    /Sarcasm off

    I do not need any feature what GC provides and the classic launcher does not.

  2. Sometimes, and nowadays quite honestly it\’s more often that not, I feel that WG lives in a parallel timeline/dimension. Because in ours this bullshit is certainly not necessary or wanted by basically anyone.

  3. Now if they could only integrate the WG Mods Portal so that when you launch the WG Game Center it would warn you – before you log into the game – if there are updated mods available and allow you to download right then.

    1. That\’s actually a very good suggestion. They should implement the entire modhub into the launcher, so that we can install mods directly in the launcher 🙂

      1. I agree with this whole heartedly. The launcher isnt that bad anyways, just needs more quality of life improvements.

    1. This program does not work in the computer of the Internet cafe, even if I use the mobile hard disk to save all the data.

        1. Imagine being this triggered over someone going to the internet cafe to use the computer there.

  4. I don\’t understand the hate towards GC. it\’s supports a better interface and is more up to date. furthermore it\’s nice to be able to mannage multiple games from the same launcher if you\’re of the type to play more than just WoT. I switched to WGC when it was first introduced and I\’ve honestly enjoyed it ever since.

    1. Why? Because it\’s just bloat, nothing else, for lot of people myself included. I only play WoT from WGs stables and I certainly don\’t need another \”launcher\”. Like if there weren\’t enough of them already. Steam, GOG, Epic, Uplay, Origin, list can go on. Why on Earth should I need another for just one game?

      It\’s completely OK this thing exist for people playing not just WoT, but WG should NEVER force it on us others.

      1. His might and influence will make WG withdraw this stupid move to force us use WG Center!

        1. So you expect WG to be stuck with an ancient and primitive launcher because QB tells them to? Or maybe he could just start using the new launcher like almost everyone else does…

  5. You can run the WoT .exe directly if installed with GameCenter, so you don\’t actually have to keep it running. The updating also seems to work much better/faster compared to the old launcher, especially since the download/install bar doesn\’t restart over and over. I\’d say it\’s an improvement.

    1. Yeah, that\’s what I do. I launch the games with desktop shortcuts leading directly .exe files and use launchers only for updates.

  6. New launcher sucks. It does auto login, but it defaults server selection to Auto. I sometimes log into LATAM server automatically, and have to manually switch back to NA.

    1. If you enable the setting to pick server selection on startup in the client, you can select which server you want to login to on the WoT login screen. So the launcher automatically fills in your username and password, you just have to pick server and press login 🙂

  7. If you have multiple accounts across several regions. It\’s not the worst tool to keep track of them, and to swap between them fast. And most here made it sound like the old launcher and updater was better. If anything that eate more resources then GC to name one. I won\’t miss that old \”hag\” one bit. That… and you can still create a shortcut to WOT.exe and use that to start the game with. As I do atm. You don\’t have to do everything via GC.

    1. You have a very good point there. For me it is also good enough, even when i just use the normal client and the client for the PTS. Automatic Updates and having everything \”under one roof\” is just a good idea. 🙂

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