T78 Pictures (Finished Model)

A feast for the eyes.

9 thoughts on “T78 Pictures (Finished Model)

  1. This looks like one of those tanks that will be relatively common, but once people realize how easy to kill it, it will basically disappear.
    Also, Mr. KV-2 says hello.

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    1. Because someone maybe likes mid tier gameplay?
      I still like tier 5, 6 and maybe 7 more than 8 and 10.

      Also, i have good memories about Hellcat.

      I think it would be nice.

      Also, T25/2 is basicaly T25 Pilot but on tier 7, not sniper TD.

      I play Sturer Emil now. Oh, boy, it is pain. And with stock gun… XD
      But i switched off emotions, i know i’m gonna butcher my stats but okay.

      I enjoyed Marder, Toaster, Nashorn… But this crap doesn’t fit into the line. But again, okay. Maybe i will laugh more when i hit someone for 500 on tier 5. 😀


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