Chat with Viktor


The German tank streamer “mouzAkrobat” spoke with WG CEO Viktor Kisly during TwitchCon (held in Berlin from April 13 to April 14) . Here is very briefly what the head of the company said. The German guy was very much interested in the company itself.

– Starting with patch 9.18, the game received a lot of criticism; The problem, according to Victor, was that Wargaming was a fast-growing company, and employees often took care of themselves, without paying proper attention to the game itself. 
– The resolution of some issues has sometimes been delayed for too long, because there are a lot of people with their personal opinions.
– Victor himself is a fan of the German tank branch, but he believes that it is much better for the game when players are satisfied with the balance of all tanks of all nations – and this can bring the greatest profit in the long run and attract players. 
“Of course, he cannot provide all the details, but the next update after 1.5 will bring global rebalance, and, among other things, the characteristics of German tanks will be updated: the Leopard 1, E 100 and Tiger II are mentioned. 
– Leopard 1 is waiting for a radical (strong) rebalance, and Victor already likes the changes to which he was devoted. 
– Nothing special was said about the E 100, it was just mentioned that the changes were announced earlier at the WG Fest 2018.
– But the changes on Tiger II are extremely specific, and he hopes that these edits will work. Qualitative and extensive changes are expected.

(Google translate with some micro changes)

A "mysterious stranger"

So Victor Kislyi,’s CEO, popped in a video, willing to say 2 things I will write down below :

  • WG screwed up with some previous updates, but 9.14 is “awesome” and “really rocks”
  • WoT’s development started 7 years ago, and it was non-stop and now it’s a huge project, it also got reshuffled. “9.14 = awesome, 9.15 and 9.16 = they will be even more awesome”

Mhh, we all wonder about why and how they would be “even more awesome”, right ? 🙂