Developer Stream Q&A

From this video:

-Soon, the testing on a certain experiment will come to an end. If everything goes well, we will disable that thing in the second half of the year. (Most likely it’s team damage)
-We’re not planning to extend the duration of WoT Classic
-Arty changes won’t happen sooner than in 4 months
-If all changes will be implemented, the arty missions will be adjusted accordingly
-After WoT Classic ends, we’ll release a Sandbox server in which we’ll focus on premium ammo (with almost all aspects in scope)
-The new MM will appear on the 3rd of April on the RU server
-Pearl River and Dragon Ridge are not currently being worked on
-Soon, there will be the possibility to add maps to a blacklist. First, it’ll only be one map, and later, depending on how everything goes, the limit will be set to two or three
-Kharkov is being worked on
-Improving in-game communication isn’t our priority, thus we abandoned the idea to integrate Discord
-The chance of getting an unjust ban is about 2-3% per 10 thousand players
-Due to the implementation of wheeled vehicles, Frontline changes are planned for LTs. Tests will be held on a separate cluster
-The situation with tier XI and XII tanks should be cleared in the next 2 years

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  1. Everything looks about right and what we expect from one of these Q&As except…
    -The situation with tier XI and XII tanks should be cleared in the next 2 years
    Excuse me WTF what the heck is this!? Why are they working on these tanks while number one there are still a lot of potential applicant to the tier 1- 10 trees and so many balance issues with it. Secondly why was it always XI And XII ? There are so many prototypes between the years of the tier tens and the tanks they are proposing to be putting at Tier 11 and 12 (Such as T110E5 to M1A1 abrams!? Wtf is this there are so many tanks in between these two such as the LK10322, 52, and 72 and the Chrysler XM1 the GM XM1 The regular M1 and so many others not forgetting the MBT 70 variants as well!)

    1. (Also what I’m suggesting in the last part is that there should be enough material to make a branch to Tier 20! I have already done some readership and done this from tier 10!)

  2. I’m guessing the 2-3% per 10000 is a translation issue. He probably said/meant 2-3 per 10000, so 0.02-0.03%.

  3. so far so good…that ammo change is the most important
    are prices adjusted? Finally they get rid of P2W in gameplay?? really???
    are pen values adjusted too?? because 340+ is simply game breaking

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