0 thoughts on “April Fools Event: Good Old Tanks

  1. People were bitching for ages that the current WoT version is screwed and back then everything was way better. At least now they can experience how much the game has improved over the years and how nostalgia makes the memories better than they were in reality.

      1. I cant, if they limit arty 1 per battle and remove nicknames for arty players (so they cant XVM focus)
        i would be happy

    1. You are right but you also aren’t. Of course if you compare a stone age version (like 7.0) of World of Tanks to the current version the current one will be better in (almost) every way. But if you compare something like V. 0.9.8 to the current 1.4.1 there are many things better in the first:
      – Artillery has always been a pain in the a**, but at least you could dodge it because of smaller splash
      – MM that didn’t put you bottomtier most of the time, makes pref MM tanks near unplayable now
      – The spam of overpowered premium tanks has barely begun. I remember a time the AMX CDC was considered among the best.
      – All chat. Admitedly this one is a controversal one but for me personally it felt almost like a censorship when they removed it. Watching the salt of my enemies in chat was some of most satisfying things in World of Tanks to me. Teammates giving away my position has occured in maybe 1/1000 battles so has just barely been a problem to me. I think it has been massively overamplified by CCs like Quickybaby who obviously has a lot more haters than any normal WoT player will ever have.
      – Changes to individual tanks: Anyone remember the old ELC AMX, not the tragedy we have now? T110E5 being relevant, the autoloading Bulldog, the VK 2801 with a derpgun, Obj 263 at tier 10?
      – Overall balance changes: Overbuffing of so many turrets to a point of press-2-or-go-home while simultaniously introducing hulldowncover in so many places.
      WoT was in it’s sweetspot in 2015/2016; they have massively fucked up various aspects of the game since then.

  2. nice video….but I don’t get the dog part…..is it the old dog that squealed whenever you run over a dog house?

  3. I really like the idea, I just wish they did it on a later patch like 8.6 or so where there was more content.

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