Object 252U and Object 252U Defender Available on EU

It’s not a joke unfortunately. WG will sell this for 10 days so they know everyone that wants it will get it – and ruin tier 8 MM. Another dark April… at least the shows airing this month are nice.

Tank, 100% crew and slot, price around 36 €.

Link to 252U without clown camo: https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/wot/specials/13202/?utm_source=wot-portal

Link to Defector Defender: https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/wot/specials/13203/?utm_source=wot-portal


31 thoughts on “Object 252U and Object 252U Defender Available on EU

  1. Well, it looks like I’m not installing WoT again in the near future. I was getting some kind of hope with the announced arty nerfs, but this is kinda disappointing…

    I guess I have to wait longer for some good news to appear on TAP. Keep up the good work Seb.

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      1. Boo hoo it’s not that strong…
        Easy to kill, shit fun handling, pretty slow. Is3 is still better.
        Sell the shit out of it WG no one cares any more


  2. its a terrible idea for the gameplay & MM when you consider it see’s Tier 6 & Tier 7

    however 1000’s of Tomato and poor players will get there Credit Cards out in a heartbeat for a
    proven noob-friendly very OP T8 HT that crushes T6 & T7 for fun so they can feel like good players (in just the 1 tank

    however the Defender Obj 252 will sell by the 1000’s every day for the next 10 days
    so a wise marketing move from WG all those free €€€€€ pouring into there Bank


    1. I love the feeling when I clip tomatoes in their defenders, for me Defender-drivers are the same scums as the monkeys in their Type 5s


  3. If this isn’t some kind of crooked misplaced April fools joke, that was published too soon…dear RNGesus the shitstorm I see coming….

    Seriously I always wondered: how is Wargaming and the Regional offices capable, with their infinite marketing wisdom, to undo so much each time.

    On one hand we get GREAT NEWS!
    That multiple issues are finally being worked on (like MM, stun/dmg mechanics,etc) which makes folks very positive about the outcome and the direction. Potentially making them interested again in coming back to the game, or finally perhaps to spend some €€€ again.

    BUT then single-handedly time and time again they achieve to undo that SEED OF POSITIVITY they planted.
    By letting a regional office marketing department run rampant…and for what? Reaching a certain sales goals for this quarter?
    It is like trampling parts of a recently planted flowerbed, that is just coming up from the soil, into the ground.
    Or like an elephant running through a porcelain shop, with disregards of the fragile elements in it.

    This duality between marketing, or what comes out the development teams, is soo counter productive in time it baffles the mind in illogics.

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    1. Well… It is a (belo)Russian logic, total opposite of any logic known to western civilization…
      Btw. which is better Object 252U or Defender ? 🙂

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    1. well if you like that game more, go play that game, no one is forcing you to play WoT

      i really don`t get it, why so many are complaining, the solution is very simple: either you adjust to the changes or quit the game, this applies to any other game out there

      do you think i don`t have things which i don`t like in this game? but i just go with the flow, i am trying to focus with what i like in this game at the moment: frontline mode, campaign missions, playing deta&offensives with my clan mates and sometimes, playing random matches

      why you need to hate the people who want to spend money on a game? is their choice, no one is forcing them…

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    2. Yeah I’m sure all 5 of you are enjoying the new features of AW. Oh wait, you can’t, there are not enough players to have a full match, you’re stuck in the queue forever.

      AW had potential and failed miserably early before having a stable playerbase. WG can afford to fuck up now because they succeeded for years and they have enough players coming back to be sustainable. No matter how good AW gets with time, it won’t heal from their early mistakes. The game is dead and it will stay dead.


  4. I kinda hope this is an April’s fool joke….
    I mean, I got one this christmas, and I don’t play it cuz it’s not even fun…


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