The M4A1 FL 10, A French Tier VI Premium Medium Tank

Greetings Tankers!

Today a new Tier VI French rolls out onto the Supertest: the M4A1 FL 10. It melds together American and French engineering concepts, being a classic Sherman but with an oscillating turret and an autoloader.

The M4A1 FL 10 has good mobility, and though its gun can’t boast high alpha it has a four-shell clip. The autoloader allows for a very comfortable playstyle, emptying and reloading promptly, gauging up the damage-per-minute parameter. The crew consists of four people.

Though French, it’s a Sherman still—so please play it cautiously: the large size and the average protection are still factors you should consider. Yet, the gun of the M4A1 FL 10 lets you dispatch a single enemy within seconds.

Please remember that the stats are subject to change depending on test results. Follow the news and have luck in every battle!