The Tier VIII–X Swedish Medium Tanks

Greetings tankers!

The new Swedish medium tanks are now entering the Supertest. The Tier VIII and the Tier X vehicles are fully set up for testing, though their parameters aren’t yet final and are to be checked in the coming battles. The Tier IX tank is still being tuned.

These Swedes’ key feature is their hydropneumatic suspension. It’s like the one employed in top-tier Swedish TDs, but the new medium tanks enter the Siege Mode automatically when their speed drops. This way, their gun depression can reach -13 degrees (which is a lot!).

The new Swedish mediums also have a  small size and a good alpha. The UDES 15/16 (Tier X) is the newly-minted champion of its class with 460 points of damage. The Swedish newcomers’ mobility is enough for them to not lag behind their teammates.

When in battle with one of these, try aggressive support tactics. Flank the enemies together with other medium tanks, covering allies and using uneven landscape to deal massive hits on your enemy curbing their enthusiasm.

Please take note that the vehicles’ parameters may change depending on test results. Keep following the news and to stay up to date on all World of Tanks info.

Udes 15/16

Udes 14 Alt 5

Udes 16

13 thoughts on “The Tier VIII–X Swedish Medium Tanks

    1. You can’t meet more than half of them in battle, no matter the tier you play. There’s room for many more tanks, believe me.

      1. I think what he meant by that is that resources allocation should not be focused on constant new tank content creation, but towards balancing current content for some patches before focussing back on making new content.

        But heck that is just my guess what he meant lol

    2. Get used to it cos it is the business model to release at least one new premium a month and more on special occasions. Obviously this will be tempered by enlarged standard lines and even new nations although I am not really sure where they would go next “Israel” perhaps?

  1. Question: is there an issue with tier 8 105mm guns just having 320 alpha damage for tier 8? Is there something wrong with that?

    Why the constant inter tier inflation of such stats like alpha damage, armour (turret) and gun depression values on new to be released content?

    I get that content needs to be fresh and not a rehearsal of what is already in game. But there is nothing wrong with inter tier aspects being similar to each other. That is what balance means.

    As for the models and them being new Swedish mediums past tier 7.
    I think they look absolutely fabulous, the modelers have done a very good job in my opinion creating these.

  2. Given the very low profile of these things I wonder if we’ll see even more invisible campers. Properly played Swedish TDs can already be game changers, now getting mediums with the firepower of heavies and the cammo of TDs is… well…

  3. A few points:
    – Why the Alt 5 at tier 8? Why not the Alt 2 which actually got renamed as the UDES 15? Or the UDES 14A which would visually fit before the UDES 16 better.
    – Why 360 alpha on it as well? There’s nothing wrong with 320 alpha and you can actually give it good accuracy then. Fuck 0.38 right off

    – For the tier 10, why 480hp engine? Where’d the 544hp engine that should be on it go?
    – Why a top speed of 45 when it was estimated to go 60-65
    – Where the living fuck did 460 alpha damage come from? It’s either meant to have the 105mm from the Strv 103 or a 120mm. I say just give it an accurate and punchy 390 alpha 105mm gun.

    Seriously, what’s WG obsession with giving the Swedish high alpha, derpy guns lately? Main complaint about the Swedish HT: mobility and gun handling… gives more alpha damage and then gives the MT even less mobility at tier 10 with similar power to weight and lower top speed but also gives a gun with questionable gun handling.

    Well fucking done WG

    1. They look like 3 crew member tanks to me or 4 tops. I think they are more likely to follow the Tier VI premium three man layout than the unique 5 man config of the Primo Victoria but that is just an opinion…….

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