1.4.1: New crew members

Notable ones: General Patton, Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz, De Gaulle or RNGesus. The first 3 crew appearance changes are free, and you have to pay for the rest (or receive them at special prizes).


Not exactly needed, but whatever… I wonder what happened to historical camouflages, they would have been better than this.

20 thoughts on “1.4.1: New crew members

  1. You already have to pay to change your crew portrait. They just giving you more options now.

    …well I gonna stick with mod thank you.

  2. April fools fool!.

    Patton and De Gaulle etc are probably held under license in a family trust, and any authority to use them would have be granted, and paid for.

    And we all know how much money exits the bank of Cyprus, compared to what goes in!.

    1. Im pretty sure the use of names and photos – especially from public figures – is available after a set amount of time just like regular patents unless a registered trademark… Which you have to fullfill certain requirements to obtain. I highly doubt they use the mugs from those personas as registered trademarks anywhere 😀

  3. Let´s make a list:

    1. row (from left to right)
    1 – some french guy (reminds me of the pictures from the French revolution of 1789)
    2 – some flower power girl from WoT (perhaps one of the newly hired girls?)
    3 – some guy from Red Dead Redemption (I or II)
    4 – Wesley Snipes (?)
    5 – a Sikh ( so British/Indian crew?)
    6 – a guy from Australia/South Africa (?)
    7 – universal gas mask (but I will go with the French)

    2. row (left to right)
    1 – mostly a German aristocrat
    2 – from helmet and uniform: French tank soldier
    3 – female crewmember (?)
    4 – Jacky Chan (?) – so Chinese tank crew
    5 – der brave Soldat Schwejk / the good soldier Schwejk (an Austrian/Czech figure)
    6 – some Russian tank soldier
    7 – looks like an Italian hat

    3. row (left to right)
    1 – Ragnar Loddbrock (or some other Norwegian/Swedish figure)
    2 – a French revolutionary person (like 1-1)
    3 – General DeGaulle
    4 – the Crab player (red XVM stats)
    5 – yellow XVM-stats player (?)
    6 – RNGesus
    7 – the Tomato player (red XVM stats)

    4. row (left to right – as always)
    1 – the donkey (move) player
    2 – a Russian general/marshall, sorry not familiar with their pictures
    3 – General George S. Patton
    4 – hmmm, reminds me of a young Mussolini; so Italian crew

    These are just suggestions.
    Sorry if I lost some historic person or mixed it up.
    Don´t hesitate to give me correction notes.

    1. First Row, place 7: Its a german Soldier, this gas mask is the one which was used by Wehrmacht in WW2.

    2. There is no way they would ever add Mussolini in the game.

      4.2 is Mikhail Katukov
      4.4 is Pavel Rybalko

  4. I would like to completely disable these unhistorical skins, and i mean never to see them even in reward list. They’re ugly and silly. Not childish, let’s not offend children.

  5. The first step into the woke, diversity chamber.. it will take a bit longer, but these idiots with lose it all now that they’ve opened that door.

  6. first wargaming should change crew skills by categories of tanks – crew from td tanks should have different skills from a medium tank etc.same for commanders and same for equipment and consumables.

  7. I like the black hood nugger guy, he’s gonna be good in my drive by shooter bat chat.

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