WoWS News – 05 March 2019

ST, test ships changes.

Soviet destroyer Neustrashimy, tier IX.

Changed the parameters of the “Repair party” consumable: 
— Healing is reduced from 2% to 1.5% of maximum hit points per second.

The concept of a destroyer with an improved “Repair party”, which can restore a large number of hit points, has proven itself well and has allowed Neustrashimy to survive clashes with the enemy and have the ability to return to active combat later in the battle. However, to balance Neustrashimy with other destroyers, we needed to reduce the efficiency of this consumable.

Italian destroyer Leone, tier VI.

Changed the parameters of the “Smoke Generator” consumable:
— The number of charges is reduced from 2 (3) to 1 (2);

A large number of Smoke Generator charges make a destroyer very forgiving of mistakes. Given her long emission and duration time, Leone was very effective at her tier. Now, with the wrong positioning and inappropriate activation of the consumable, the destroyer can more easily end up without charges at the end of the battle and, as a result, will be less effective.

Japanese cruiser Azuma, tier IX.

The original concept of this cruiser thrived in long distance engagements, taking into account the features of her armor and her good accuracy. However, testing showed that such an idea severely limited the player tactically and reduced their impact on the battle. In the new version, Azuma is less accurate, but at the same time she has received a number of improvements that allow the ship to be effective not only at the maximum range.

Improved the “Repair party” consumable:
— The number of charges increased from 2 (3) to 3 (4);
— Cooldown has been reduced from 120 (80) to 60 (40).

Added the “Hydroacoustic Search” consumable:
— Duration: 100 s;
— Ship detection range: 5 km;
— Torpedo detection range: 3.5 km;
— Cooldown: 180 s (120 s);
— Charges: 2 (3).

The accuracy of this cruiser returned to its previous level due to excessive efficiency. At the same time, the parameters will still be better than those of similar tier IX cruisers (Kronstadt and Alaska) at short and medium distances.

To increase the survivability of the cruiser, we improved the “Repair party” consumable. With a short cooldown and a large number of charges, the cruiser will be able to stay longer in active battle.

The “Hydroacoustic Search” consumable returned to the ship, and its parameters correspond to the standard for cruisers at tier IX. Its presence will allow the ship to feel safer in close combat, although the characteristics of the cruiser do not imply effective participation in the battle at short distances due to the peculiarities of the armor and a long reload of the Main Battery.

Also, Azuma will have her anti-aircraft weapons updated. We will share the details, but a little later.

Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary.

Dear players,

In update 0.8.2 the Arsenal will receive new functionality and a new name – Armory. We’ve also decided, according to your requests, to add about 50 premium ships to it, that will be available for purchase for doubloons. We also removed some of the premium ships from the tech tree to focus it on the researchable ships, moreover, purchasing premium ships is more comfortable in the Armory due to the filters. Later on we’re planning to extend the selection so that you always have an extensive selection of ships to purchase for doubloons.

World of Warships team

ST. New maps

Three new maps for tier VIII-X battles have been added to the game.

They don’t have names or a certain visual style yet, but you can already take a look at the location of the control points and Islands.

The first map is a group of medium-sized Islands located at a fairly large distance from each other. There are a lot of open spaces on the map and there are almost no Islands for cover in or near the caps.

In the eastern part of the second map, one control point is covered from the others by a chain of Islands, however these allows ships to move freely. Small groups of Islands on the 9-10 lines will help ships to provide flank cap control. A few small islands are located in the center. Their height allows players to fire over them. You will find several large Islands in the western part of the map. They will help to hide the ships entering and leaving the nearby control point.

The third map is a large chain of Islands of different sizes, located close to each other. Islands form a large bay around the control point in the eastern part of the map. Many Islands in the western and central parts of the map will allow you to secretly move and organize ambushes.

Maps are expected to go through several stages of testing and as a result, they can change significantly.

Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary.

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3 thoughts on “WoWS News – 05 March 2019

  1. there were so many awesome maps back in the beta days, now they are all the shame old shite

  2. the devs “changed course”.

    one of the first video for “bad advice” stated “do NOT camp behind islands,or use islands for cover to camp as you do in world of tanks, the trick to survival in a ship is to keep moving”.

    players used the few islands on maps for doing exactly that, devs surrendered, increased the number of islands in maps, lots of camping, ships that can fire over island cover, and maps like ocean extremely rare now, that was the only map that had NO ISLANDS.

    I’ve seen that map ONCE in at least 500 of my last games.

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