Defenders of the Motherland Garage Pictures + Download

Along with today’s micropatch on the RU server, a new garage was added to celebrate the Day of Defenders of the Motherland which will be on February 23. You can download it by clicking on this link NOTE – THE MOD DOES NOT WORK ON OUR SERVERS…

12 thoughts on “Defenders of the Motherland Garage Pictures + Download

  1. WG doesn’t have a problem, celebrating the political system that killed 65 million christian orthodox . but they have an issue with a symbol from the guys who beat up on then a bit. and they eventually got them back by raping a million or so German women and girls on the way to Berlin.. Lots of class there WG you scumbags.

    1. Soviets killed, raped and then ate 65 billion of their own people and other 100 billion was sent to GULAG where they were also killed, raped and eaten, most of them were children. Get your facts right, you dumb ape.

    2. Well, if you win 1 war out of the 6 or so you were in, yeah then probably you could continue to shout your propaganda for the rest of eternity.

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