1.4 Common Test 2 Feedback by RagingRaptor

Summary (from post, adressed to WG:

Wheeled Vehicles in General:

  • Why do you loose the double R autopilot when switching modes?
  • Very long break times. It is mandatory to bind your “stop and fire” key  as the backwards speed can overwhelm you when you try to slow down.
  • Can you add the speedometer also when you are zoomed in? So you know in what mode you are in and at what speeds you are.
  • I really appreciate that the small tank pic in your lower left corner which shows your HP, crew and other statuses is unique to all wheeled vehicles. I appreciate that to be done to all the other tanks as well! Very well done
  • Let us enable Rapid mode in the 30 seconds countdown to the game.

EBR 105:

  • The Cruise Mode is way to finicky to use. Like it is really hard to make small corrections to your course.
  • Might want to reduce the viewrange a bit more as you can get 445m of viewrange with normal vents, normal coated optics, BIA, reconskill, situational awareness and rations. And Camobreaking is really little so there is no need to go even further with viewrange.
  • Standard penetration would be great to get buffed to like 210 instead of 190 to feel the upgrade from the t8 to the t10 tank.


  • Also has very finicky cruise mode, same problem as the T10 tank. Didn’t played it that often

Lynx T8 Tank:

  • This tank feels very good!
  • Cruise mode is great as is the rapid mode
  • Looses a lot of speed when running into a tree or obstacle. Is it intended or not?
  • (little troll request) In real life it can swim, in game it can’t. THIS IS UNPLAYABLER !!!11!1¨!!!!


  • Appreciated that you made the Chimera missions easier. Nothing else to say. Thanks!

Chimera Buffs:

  • Don’t have the tank myself but seeing the stats pre and post buff they look good and are totally okey

Obj 279 e Buffs:

  • Do NOT buff the lower plate. I explain it greatly in the video but do NOT do it. Also please consider looking at skill4ltu’s video about it as he is a holder of that vehicle and a really good tanker!


  • Really cool but explain why certain numbers are not allowed. Like 666, in WoWs you got the USS Black which has those exact numbers painted on its bow.
  • Allow us to use only 1 or only 2 digits without the blank spaces getting filled with zeros


  • Well done! Really felt the improvement. Gladly take that ( was also about time though)


  • Obj 268V4 Gunmantlet fabric glitches through the gunmantlet when aiming fully to the left. You can see 2 circles which glitch threw.
  • Prokorovka and Himmelsdorf on the hill from both the south side there are spots which have the terrain resistance of ice. You really start to easily slide around them. On proko you can see it in the video. On Himmelsdorf it’s the plastered part from the castle close to the wall which prevents you from falling down.
  • Bushes are very very strong and a type 5 heavy can hide behind one not getting spotted on 260 meters while shooting with a tank which has 445 meters of viewrange. Please have a look at that. The video shows the Bush on D1 on Cliff.


34 thoughts on “1.4 Common Test 2 Feedback by RagingRaptor

      1. It’s not just the VK B. Since patch 1.3 a lot of tanks have the sniper mode view offset way lower on the vehicle than the bore of the gun. This means that you don’t have a direct line of sight to a target in sniper mode while in third person view you can see, aim and fire at the target without any issues.

            1. It does, if you are Russian or Ukrainian. So what are you? Your hostility suggests the latter….

              1. What was so hostile about my explanation of the problem with the turret bug that made you panic and think that I’m a Serbian killer Ukranian?

                1. Panic? Haha it was an off-topic question. So you are UA then…explains a lot. Fucking kurac.

      1. Perhaps, but still the situation is that the EBR 105 only just comes to the cusp of decent view range with a maximized loadout, and the wheeled tanks below it cannot do the same at all no matter what loadout they use.

      1. ebr is not online right now so i used the t-50 instead (also 350m view range) and with all skills, modules and consumables you get 444,98m view range

    1. Trust me, 420 meters is even enough. The wheeled vehicle goes so fast it is very hard to hit, so it can get very close to hidden tanks. Tracked scouts can not. Also, it is as good as impossible to track a wheeled vehicle to a stop.
      Just try it in training room.

  1. Good review!
    Add to this:
    Some wheeled vehicles, especiallt t9/10, can turn to sharp at speeds of 90 kmh by just letting go of the W (forward) key. Feels unnatural.
    The Tier 6 has a useless spare tire, but it can actually be damaged (and give the shooter suspension damage), is that on purpose? The owner of the tire does not get that same suspension damage.

    And yes, the Lynx is a very nice drive!

    1. Oh I forgot a VERY important thing: Autoaim aims for the backside of wheeled vehicles. It misses 25% of the shots when the vehicle is standing still, let alone when it moves a bit (same as Elc AMX). Add to this the 1.3 sniper mode bug, it is very difficult to hit a wheeled vehicle.
      You see: it moves so fast you run out of mouse-mat when tracking it manually! (I hit my coffee of my desk trying to)

  2. Also nerf the belly of 268v4 at 200 armour because that tank is OP at tier 10 and 10x OP at tier 8

  3. “And Camobreaking is really little so there is no need to go even further with viewrange.”
    You have “enough” view range with like 550m. Everything above 500m gets extremely nice and beneficial, especially for fast (wheeled) vehicles since noone really expects to get spotted in a Light or Medium @ 400+m

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