WOT players CPU cores and gains of multi-threaded rendering

The number of cores of WOT player’s computers at the end of 2014. vs 2018. Wargaming statistics.


1-2 cores 41.29%

3-4 cores 51.16%

6-8 cores 7.57%


1-2 cores 26.59%

3-4 cores 60.50%

6-8 cores 12.91%

Maximum possible gains per graphics presets:

Minimum 4%
Medium 15%
High 39%
Ultra 40%

0 thoughts on “WOT players CPU cores and gains of multi-threaded rendering

    1. No, it is because of AMD’s Ryzen.
      Russia is a PC Gaming stronghold. Knock their hardware all you want, Eastern Europe is a fortress of the only correct type of gaming while Western Europe and the US wallow in Conslow misery.

  1. If only Wargame actually had made WOT a game that “8 cores in a i7 processor” could actually make any use of ))really I wish

    I have a 2013 old PC
    Intel 2 core Duo + Nvidia 2GB 760 OC + 16GB ram
    it has no problems playing the old game tech that is in WOT despite “1.0 magic update’ it runs WOT Graphics most off on Max setting still get a smooth game with 80fps

    And a 2017 Gaming PC
    Intel 8 core i7 processor & Nvidia 8GB GeForce GTX 1070Ti T Gaming GPU & 24GB Ram

    Yes it does run everything at Ultra graphic setting very smooth gameplay 100fps

    however ~ the old 2013 PC does almost everything the same in WOT
    until WG give WOT much more modern sophisticated Graphics engine Then I cannot really
    see why 2 Core Duo with old but good GPU with decent RAM is really all anyone needs

    WOT is hardly “leading the way with awesome Graphics” WG and WOT its gameplay tuned for Ruskie back in the day 2010 or so steam PC’s – probably Single Core on average maybe some have 2 Core & 4 Core processors

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