WG Fest 2018 Info



This is a collection of info from the WG Fest 2018 dev Q&A.

– Premium tanks for bonds are planned for introduction next year. Vehicles which are in the game, but are not available for purchase normally will be sold. The list encompasses gift vehicles, and those which were removed from tech trees.

– In December 2019 another iteration of the veteran program will be held, just like the one which gave the T-50-2 to veterans this year.

– Without positive feedback from the players, the french wheeled branch won’t enter the game.

– The Frontline mode will be appearing periodically in 2019, each month for a whole week. The whole cycle will end in December with a big event, which will enable the players to get special prizes and gifts.

– A new, improved MM will be tested in 2019:

* Beside the classic 3-5-7 and 5-10, there will be new templates
* In case of a two-tier match, there can be a 6-9 and 7-8 template.
* In three-tier matches it can be 4-5-6 and 5-5-5.
* During the rebuild of the system, the problem of the preferential MM tanks will be held into account
* The British T95/FV4201 Chieftain will be the new Clan Wars campaign reward


– The first tanks which will be available for Bonds


– The ammo rack capacity of the Object 261 won’t be increased.

– The WT auf E 100 isn’t considered to arrive again in the game.


– A Type 5 Heavy and SPG rebalance is planned.

– Wargaming and Epic Games started cooperating. Now the smaller WG studios will be able to use the company’s resources. The publisher program enables the members to hasten the creation of games and using analitycal, developement, and communication tools

– The release of Pagan Online is plannned for 2019. It will be released on PC, Steam, and WGC


– After rebalancing carriers overall, the British CVs will be worked on.


– Soon, submarines, Soviet battleships, and console WoWS will appear (https://wowslegends.com/).


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  1. “SPG rebalance is planned”

    Finally, after every Q/A being “no changes to SPG planned right now”

    WG must employ some super geniuses.

    1. The “rebalance” may go either way. There’s a good possibility, given the history of bad choices WG made in the past, that it will end up being even worse than what it is now.

      The only change that would be guaranteed to be effective is a total removal from the game. But they don’t have balls for that.

      1. They could just lock it for frontline/special battles only or introduce some new PvE mode where you can play arty on all tiers and so on. Solutions exist, but I doubt anything radical considering they have missions where you are ‘forced’ to play artillery.
        What other candidates for bonds besides these 3 exist?

        1. T-22sr. is the first tank that comes to my mind.

          Removed a while ago, kinda legendary now, not as OP as it was at first… It would be a perfect candidate as a bond tank: people would want to get it because it’s rare and original.

          Other than that, CW tanks (I hope. If everyone gets to use the 907 then it’s not as big of a deal as if only a select few can, but WG won’t do it probably. 1% of the player base would rage), rare premiums (PzIV Hydro, Sexton, BT SV, stuff like that), but unless they come up with completely new designs I doubt anyone will be interested in anything that isn’t a tier X or an overpowered premium like the defender.

          1. DaSpood – great idea. Would love to see the T-22sr added for bonds. Would level the playing field since the only folks that got that thing on the NA server were cheaters. Anyone that says otherwise is just embarrassed to admit it. The server population was so low for that mode that you could ONLY do the missions if you rigged the game to have your friends in it because no one wanted to play that shit mode. I know, I tried a lot to play it. It’s a good idea, so I doubt WG will do it.

        2. T23E3 was the first one I thought of, some of the rarer low tiers such as the Pak 40 or the Sexton could happen as well.

      2. If arties are removed from the game, my FV4005 will become the next cancer :]]]] So stop dreaming :]]]

        1. That pathetic excuse of a tank is already cancer. Land arty is just as fucked and destructive to gameplay as sky cancer. 🙂

    2. Considering how they make the problem worse every time they try to change SPGs I’d almost wish they wouldn’t “”rebalance”” them again.

      Who knows what they’ll come up with. Maybe their rebalance will involve removal of damages altogether but more stun, or keeping stun and adding back AP rounds…

      Anything that is not “remove stun and keep damages as they are” or “remove arty” will be bad. I honestly miss the old days where I got one-shot one game out of 20, rather than now where I spend half of my game stunned. It sure is fun to spend millions of xp on training your crew if a retarded ape can set it back to 50% every 25s from the edge of the map.

    3. Don’t get excited, Motoko. You squeal like a pig over some pseudo-news that hardly will be implemented lol

  2. So basically they are not doing anything new with tanks for bonds? I’m sure some are happy to see some tanks return “depending on price”. But I was hoping for bond only tanks or something unique like WOWS did with their coal shop. Not getting lazy and just tossing old stuff in there.

  3. rebalancing arty means they decrease only limit of them in the battle, also there was speculations on RU they can bring back old version of arty.

    1. Old arty was more broken than existing, but existing is still bad.

      Limiting them is an option, a bad one, but still an option, it would be better than the existing situation.

  4. They say the “classic 3/5/7”, seems like they misspelled the word ‘cancer’. And as for another arta rebalance, somehow I still hold out hope that WG has finally realized that indirect fire is itself the problem in a game of line-of-sight management.

    I’m also curious to see if they realize that the wheeled lights can be marketed a dozen different ways, but that with laughably bad view range, pitching them as ‘active scouts’ is the one thing you can’t do. And that generally the meta favors corridor brawling, perhaps the entire light tank class could use a revival.

    Though I am happy that frontline is going to be back one week of each month. That might get me to actually log in to WoT again.

  5. How to fix wheeled lights… << *looks at the view range* just buff it by 50 on all the wheeled tanks just give 25 on the tier 10 and your good to go..

    1. not really for many reasons…
      first, a mediocre VR is still useless or…p2w. Why? because you can max it only with premium consumable / food…so just NO !
      Give them PROPER VR or let them out.
      second…for this buff they must loose something…and what a scout do not need? Or is not suposed to perform?? GUN ! Yes, it must get a worse gun in exchange

      they said that W. vehicles are suposed to be active scouts. HOW WITHOUT VIEWRANGE AND WITH A GUN WHAT CAN SNIPE BETTER THAN MOST OTHERS??

      for their suposed role..they simply need best viewrange and worst gun
      simple as that

        1. Simply by having the best Softstats in the game. Have you seen a video about the pnhard?? it aims instantly which in todays WoT is infinitely better than 0.3 accuracy that misses every second shot due to bad rng

            1. sorry but accuracy means almost nothing in this p2w game
              is just one of the most useless stats

              aim time and hidden stats are MUCH more valuable than accuracy unfortunately

              just take a look…
              germans with their “famous” precision and 0,3 accuracy hits WORSE than fuckin ruskis with 0,44 accuracy…
              and wait…thats even better when ruskis are on the move and germans stationary
              just wonder why…???

                1. dont know about you but for me T100Lt can snipe with a decent rate….and is suposed to be the worst at this
                  oh…and i dont even use food

    1. No, there’s still one too many arty per game.

      Making XVM illegal, removing stun or at least nerfing its effect, and adding Armored Warfare like counter-arty thing, and arty is solved.

      If they allow counter arty that would already solve the issue because arties would be busy killing each other most of the game.

  6. Wargame so Famous for ~ Lies then more lies covered in Bullshit coatings

    When or IF anything changes will probably be far to late for the health of this Game
    in 4.5 years all iv ever seen is complete bullshit with a little sugar thrown in at times

    Soon the players get Pissed OFF with bullshit when nothing GOOD happens despite all there Promises ))so called

    Hopefully I’m proved wrong this time
    but we all know Wargame
    Snails move faster ……………………………………

  7. While I don’t have a lot of sympathy for WG, though I keep giving them money (just not as much as they’d like)), “unintended consequences” is the sister to “mm” and “rng” (the Furies of WG). They do have some justification for being a bit cautious at this point while trying to keep these games fresh.

  8. What, are you serious wargaming. Not gonna introduce the wheeled light tanks if you don’t get good feedback? Well let us play them on public test then we can give feedback. Also I seriously do hope they come out. I am a devoted LT player and would greatly enjoy them.

    1. Tier 8 Frontlines every Month is the Big News here, mate

      That is FAR more important than ‘wheeled Tanks” or is yet another T8 Premium with ‘wheels’ more important at this time for your wallet?

      1. I never played World of Warboats cause it looks slow and boring. But if they add submarines, I will install it and play submarines.

        I used to play Silent Hunter 3 and I was very good at it with high simulation settings. And even if World of Boats is an easy game, stealthy submarines sound good. Though I’m sure it won’t be realistic.

  9. we will never have subs in wows. can’t wait for the subs. I loved playing them in bf1942.
    also with xvm, can WG please add a mod to block it from reading our game data, and give players the option of turning it on or off?.

  10. > A Type 5 Heavy and SPG rebalance is planned.

    Good, but imho the whole Japanese heavy line needs a look. Just remove the derps entirely (12cm one on O-I Exp. is fine), give O-I the 10cm cannon that used to be mounted on the O-I Exp (before the big nerf) with better penetration to account for it being on a Tier 6 tank, and leave the non-HE cannons for the rest of the line as they are. If pen is an issue, people will learn to switch to HE on the 14cm on Type 4 / 5 anyway.

    As for arty, I’m curious. Maybe remove the cancer that is stun mechanic and buff alpha a little in exchange?

    > Without positive feedback from the players, the french wheeled branch won’t enter the game.

    Surprised that WG is willing to back down on the armored cars if the playerbase does not like them. Perhaps the EBR hype died down pretty quickly after the vehicle was given out as rent.

  11. 3-5-7 a classic? This one proved to be a brain tumor for the MM… Looked promising at first bu then it started hurting the entire organism.

  12. I feel even if a miracle happens and WG stuck gold by dumb luck by rebalancing artillery, is still going to get shit because a big part of the player base won’t accept anything than the absolute removal of the class. So may as well do that.

  13. Buff arty penetration so i can cause more tears. Bring back arty platoons for extra tantrums. balance of game was broken when arty was nerfed.

    1. Oh YeAh I aGrEe BuFf ArTy I hAvE a MoUsE i DoNt HaVe A kEyBoArD sO i PlAy ArTy PlEaSe ReDuCe ReLoAd TiMe Of ArTy To 4 SeCoNdS aNd BuFf DaMaGe To 5000

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