Supertest of a new map

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Today we start testing on a location prototype. We’re not sure if it will become a new map: our prime intention is to assess new configurations of in-game objects and getting data for further development of maps.

This test location contains a set of non-standard objects and tactical assault options. It is a rough prototype to be improved based on test results. Currently it has no historical or geographic setting.

The landscape is mixed, combining city blocks with relatively open space on the left flank where the uneven terrain may be used as cover.

1) The air defence sites on the western edge of the map are round-shaped caponiers lending shelter from enemy fire while attacking through the open space. Heavy vehicles may enter these only by road, manoeuvrable tanks may get there over the slopes (provided they have experienced drivers). There’s a large artificial mound in the centre of this zone, holding the command bunker. The mound is covered in trees and is the key point when you advance onto the shrubbery. From it, you can ‘light up’ the TD positions in Zone 2 and/or build on your attack, moving further to the most distant caponiers.

2) The knolls near both bases are for TDs and other snipers. Sitting here, you can defend your base against oncoming attacks from the shrubbery. The knolls are also the last lines of defence against advancing enemies coming from the city.

3) In the centre the railway station and the military base provide scattered positions that provide some cover but will not fully protect you from enemy artillery and direct fire. You can still use these to advance through the zone, move to another flank or duel it out with a random foe. Though the station will provide some protection you cannot drive inside.

4) The city blocks over the river in the east are the designated heavy tank arena. The bridges are covered from cross-fire from the centre of the map, a timely ‘light-up’ of the square by the railway station will allow you to avoid receiving enemy fire you can’t return. The embankment is curved, creating some cover, but still is a dangerous place. The key points for heavies are the quads and the passages leading into them. There are two of the latter, one has two concrete blocks that enable you to engage in hull-down gameplay. Yet this position can be threatened by TDs hiding in the bushes inside the quads. The passage without the concrete blocks will suit side-scrapping tanks.

Depending on test results, we’ll decide what happens to this ingot of a map. Follow the news and best of luck in all your battles!

13 thoughts on “Supertest of a new map

  1. The upside down J in G7 already gives advantage to the bottom team. It covers the team from getting early scouted. Gives cover for the heavys during movement to positions. And acts as an additional cover/ defense point for statinary combat.

    GG next map please.

      1. So some random player can see the problem just from images. And you wanna tell me that its ok for the devs that have years of experience and getting paid for their work to make such mistakes ? How low you wanna lower the expectation for this ? I remember the map first time showed 2-3 months ago and only the cosmetics changed.

        People like you that defend unfinished or bad work are the reason why alpha Games are sold, why devs can cut out content from games and sell it to you as microtransactions or dlcs. Because it isn’t “finished yet”, like the full priced Genderfield V that wasn’t “finished yet” but sold at full price.

    1. And the same exact thing is not done by the almost identical building in C7 for the northern team? Sounds like you’re just looking for reasons to criticize WG.

      1. You better do your homework before trying to blame someone, else you end up beeing the fool.

        You think a thin vertical building on one square position off, is the same as that cover on G7 ? Did you even read my explanation what it does for the bottom Team ? Do you understand that on D7 theres nothing to cover the heavys from getting scouted ? Once a scout reaches G7 he can literally see the enemy base and their red line, its open space.

        If you still can’t get it. Think about Glacier, now add big houses to the middle of ONE side of the team.

    2. Not only that, but the map is an arty fest and WG should know better than to make maps that favor artillery.

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