17 thoughts on “Merry GOLDEN Christmas from WGNA or FU EU&RU

  1. I love those posts where you can’t understand shit and you wonder why you read it…

      1. wrong, the Caern AX can still be bought in the shop (EU atleast) for 7 more days

        my guess is that they allowed NA to buy it for gold because its the only bundle that cant be bought with gold from the calender

      2. You have no idea. Just ranting for the sake of it. WG NA posted that the tank was on sale for 7,600g – but it wasn’t. They took it down not long after. Many people submitted tickets. WG decided that they would honour the advertisement for that day to people that submitted tickets over it. Did EU or RU post a wrong advertisement? No. So why would they get it?

    1. my guess is that someone contacted WG support in NA because the Caern AX couldnt be bough with gold, real cash only, and they replied to him/her that they can give them one but they will remove 7600 gold in the process

  2. I haven’t checked in-game, but its in the premium shop (both on its own and the deal with other stuff) on SEA for another 9 days.

  3. NA screwed up and listed it as available in game for 7600 gold which is several thousand gold cheaper than it’s listed for. After a while they decided to honor the price, at least in some cases. Some are posting that they were refused the price and all the people who bought the thing earlier haven’t yet begun to complain.

  4. WGNA are not honoring it. Just sent in a ticket myself and got a reply within 30 minutes. Saying Nope, if you want the CAX, FU pay me.

    So nope.
    They are 100% in violation of consumer law in the USA though. Will be interesting to see how this develops.

    1. Why would they issue a fix for something on the 25th for something that happened on the 24th? Just because Frank heard that Henry got his Kit Kat at half price does not mean Frank can get it half price the next day.

  5. They were only honoring that 7600 price on the 24th, the day it was advertised on and pulled. from the 25th and after its only for cash.

    The 7600 gold price was real however as I was able to send in a ticket for it and got it credited to my account on the 24th. just the tank and the slot, no camo or anything else

  6. Fuuck you EU and RU, get rekt slow, all my HEAT shells make your stats don’t grow.

  7. As someone has posted above. The AX as last advent tank is available for a few days, but can only be bought with real cash, not gold, like the other advent calendar offers. The player has submitted a ticket requesting to purchase the tank with gold rather than real money.

    A sneaky last move by WG, for a FU christmas.

    Was noted on SEA immediately, there was no gold purchase offer, despite most players having bought xmas crates and currently being flush with gold currency, rather than real money, because they have already spent it on the xmas crates!.

    They milked the cow, it died, now they trying to milk a stone.

    Hell, the EBR tier 8 french premium will be thrust upon us any day now, in sweet $100 packages.

    1. EU/RU/Asia and NA ALL said on November 30th that most of the tanks would be up for gold BUT not all tanks will be up for gold. 22 out of 23 is most. It wasn’t sneaky. You had 25 days to read it and understand it. Not WG’s problem people can’t read and comprehend.

    2. Maybe those assholes with tons of gold from lootboxes should’ve spent it before? I also don’t understand why would they make AX available only for cash, but what’s the big deal about that? There were plenty of tanks worth buying in the advent calendar. And no, I doubt we’ll see EBR on sale for about a month or so.

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