Advent Calendar: Day 19

The doors of our Advent Calendar could not contain this tank and its massive turret for too long!

The M6A2E1 is our nineteenth Calendar offer! This tall and heavy tank is made for commanders who like to peek over cover, or use an excellent gun depression for hull-down tactics – read our guide for more. Add a very strong frontal armour in the mix, and you’ll have a ferocious and unique looking vehicle to add to your garage! Hurry though, you only have 24 hours to get it!Important: the M6A2E1 is part of our Advent Calendar! Therefore, you can purchase it through the bundle or directly in the game for 7,800.

28 thoughts on “Advent Calendar: Day 19

  1. Only £28 for this M6A2E1? Tier 8 USA HT

    It has Preferential Match Making .> Tier 9 max MM
    best Gun Penetration of 202mm AP shells over the 182mm pen with AP 122mm shells from IS6 and 112 and 111 etc
    also and lol ~ it gets 30 days premium Account & 1500 Gold & 25 missions for 200% XP

    if its your kind of HT with PMM its a >huge bargain< at this price with the bundle extras added on
    my math works it out that the M6A2E1 is costing only £14 like!!!

    – if you take into account the cheap extra Premium bundle you get

    1. The Tank is still not worth the money. Its old and rusting. It is underperforming, has too many weakspots, has no camo, no mobility, same shellcost as T32, no dpm, no gun handling, is a clicker magnet, meets Tier 10, has the same side problems as Japanese heavys. It only shines top in a 3-5-7 which are rare.

      People nowadays are so used to microtranactions and especially WGs prices, that they forget that 14£-28£ can buy you whole games, good DLCs or Indie games.

      I could buy it with my Gold left, but I pass, because I know the pain the players of this Tanks have just by fighting with or against them.

  2. Lol, the founders pack people and 100 Euro bundle buyers must be happy… Got a duplicate E25 in a loot box, maybe use the gold for a “free” mutant 🤔

  3. WarGaming, you dirty @ss b!tch, you promised me you won’t sell this tank again. Suck my b@lls.

    1. People should stop whining about this, it’s pathetic. AFAIK, all founder bundle M6A2E1 owners received unique camo and decals that identify them in the field, and that no one else has access to (as it should). Also the tank has been exclusive for years, not sure why it would hurt selling it once or twice a year now.

      AW did the same thing with the preorder vehicles. They stayed exclusive for a few years, then were sold, and when they were sold the original owners that bought the preorder bundles got cosmetic awards so they can go in the field with a big “HEY I GOT IT FIRST LEL” bullseye on them.

      Of course, I do blame WG as well, but not for selling the tank. Making a promise you can’t or won’t keep is poor manners to begin with, regardless of who makes said promise, and the more it goes on the more it gets difficult to trust them.

    1. I have never understood why everyone fantasizes about the Type 59 … for me the T-34-3 is much better

    1. After his purchase this morning, i think he is marking this tank just in this moment. 😉

        1. Yours are dropping lol, but wtf happened to your winrate? Why not go down a couple of tiers where you belong? Also, you seem jealous, sucks don’t it? Lol

          1. Behave Son…you look like, act like and sound like a donkeys ball sack…with three marks on

            1. Yeah, MoE´s & pixel-achievements are my life, because i got nothing else, lost my friends too, but i accepted this fact. Now i´m flooding the whole Internet with my shit as a revenge.

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