Advent Calendar: Day 18

For its class and nation, this tank is a black sheep!

The STG Guard is our Advent Calendar of the day. For a Soviet tank, this guy has a really unusual design: a rear-mounted (and quite strong) turret. On top of this first curiosity, this medium tank hasn’t been created for versatility, but for precision. You read that right: this bad boy is accurate, and it strikes hard. Even some heavies might be jealous of its punch! Add this sharpshooter to your garage now, you only have 24 hours! And once you got it, don’t forget to check out our gameplay guide!Important: The STG Guard is part of our Advent Calendar! Therefore, you can purchase it through the bundle or directly in the game for 10,000.


12 thoughts on “Advent Calendar: Day 18

  1. 9700 gold in tech tree and 10.000 in advent calendar
    Fair trade if u already have crew with 7 skills…u defenetly do not need the one with 100%


  2. Waiting for Type 59 this year….
    Now that it is clear, the DEFENDER is the tank to have (much better than Type 59) and they sell Defender like hot cakes (and screw up every normal player, without remorse), it is time to cash-in for the type59 as well….


    1. Actually, Defender isn’t that popular, and not a lot of people own it, or like it, or want it.

      Derpy gun.

      Not that Type 59 is a better tank, but it’s less frustrating to play.


        1. Roboplebs, everyone can fool around in his spare time like he want. I don´t recommend this Bot-Gameplay too, but let the Statistichammer in the pocket..


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