Advent Calendar: Day 17

We’re pretty sure that all American tanks are true patriots, but this one takes the love of its country to another level.

The T26E5 Patriot is our Advent Calendar offer of the day! Based on the M26 Pershing —as American as an apple pie—the Patriot boasts a great turret, protected by a large and thick gun mantlet. Surrounded by 279 mm of armour, this boomstick is known for the good penetration of its APCR shells, which it uses as standard ammo. If you were looking for a reliable and strong American soldier, look no further and add this Yankee to your garage now! You only have 24 hours.

Important: The T26E5 Patriot is part of our Advent Calendar! Therefore, you can purchase it through the bundle or directly in the game for 10,000.


12 thoughts on “Advent Calendar: Day 17

  1. I have a question for you guys, maby someone will show me the right answer…

    > I have a Loader with 98% and next level needs 12417exp
    > I have ticked increased crewtraining and its the Loaders turn
    > I have 2x daily on the Tank
    > I have no Prem acc
    > I activated 100% Bonus crew exp & Tank exp
    > I have won the match

    My matchrults:
    >1016 base
    >274 xmas
    Total 2814 exp

    After the game the Loader had 4757exp till next lvl, which means he earned from the match 7660exp. I want to know how WG calculated to 7660exp. Thx in advance.


  2. This is worth if you have spare gold and need a prem tank, this tank is good, and 10k gold is a good deal for such a tank.

    This is > Defender.


  3. Not as good as Defender (sorry Motoko) but, a very good tank.
    As long as you can hide your hull, nothing can pen your turret front, excellent gun, good pen, good mobility. Only damage is low with 250hp per shot but, it is not a problem.
    Easy tank for beginners and pros.

    Definitively something worth buying.


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