Advent Calendar: Day 16

To get out of the Advent Calendar, this tank has destroyed doors… and walls!

The Mauerbrecher is our new Calendar Offer! If you’re into super-heavy tanks (then again, who isn’t), this prototype of the Mäuschen project is perfect to train said crews. Inspired by the fall of the Berlin wall, this vehicle is also extremely resistant to ramming, and will punch anyone in range of its gigantic turret with its excellent alpha damage, and penetration values! Get it now, you have 24 hours.Important: the Mauerbrecher is part of our Advent Calendar! Therefore, you can purchase it through the bundle or directly in the game for 11,800.


27 thoughts on “Advent Calendar: Day 16

  1. Mauerbrecher. A joke from the balance department where they did Defenders, Patriots and other crazy things like the Obj26v4 at the same time.

    Lets release a slow super heavy that is just utter garbage.


  2. Wargaming would have never dared to release a Russian premium tank as utterly pathetic as the Mauerbrecher. It is not even that bad against its own Tier, but it is completely and utterly useless against Tier X.


  3. got moe on mine, several hundred battles. It can’t pen a defender using AP (220mm pen so don’t believe the sales pitch), and even gold ammo is only 260mm or so pen value. It does have to shoot a bit of HE just to try and help teams out, otherwise its useless 4/5 battles, very little damage output, then you get the 1/5 battle where as if by magic, it penetrates and damages nearly everything. Same as revalorise and so many others.

    Except russian tanks.

    Of course, it will still roll low, for a 440 avg dmg alpha gun, expect 350-390 dmg per hit. Probably coz is german, and NOT russian.
    It has 2 or 3 huge glaring weak spots loaded into the front, so even if you can manage to hide your weak spot hull, there is another nice big one in the commanders hatch. And of course, germans are famous for turret rings….

    Next we can talk about more handicaps this tank has in its sheer size. Too big profile, too easy for enemy to peek out and hit, too easy for SPGs, in a game of maps designed for russian sleek low profile tanks.

    Now for the mobility. Its crap. Back to being extremely easy for SPGs to hit. Many maps it can’t even MAKE IT TO SAFE COVER to camp away the 15 minute timer. And often gets only one option in a battle on where it can move to at the start. You certainly CAN’T even think about charging down that invisible SU130PM that is up ahead.

    Its a tank seriously restricted to performing well on very few maps, and those would be dense city ones with tall buildings to be safe from SPGs, where the mauerbrecher can at least try and get set up in a sidescraping position to fight an enemy, of russian tanks.

    If you really enjoy changing your game settings to “bring on death” in single player franchises, then this is the tank for you, only you have to best other human beings, the most dangerous and unpredictable creature on the planet, not the pre programmed bots from a single player mode.

    Last advice, keep a large supply of tissues in the house, in fact best if you buy shares in the tissue company.

    I don’t carry any gold ammo into a battle in this tank, because of the identified 1/5 battles ratio, I know I’m onto a winning game if my standard AP pens the first few shots. The other 4/5 games would totally be a waste of credits to shoot gold. And once you know your getting the penetrations, you can just keep firing AP for the rest of that 1/5 battle.

    If you want to win all the time and only press the w key and click the left mouse a few times, buy a russian tank. Literally ANY russian tank.

    If you want to embrace the dark world of cannibalism, play this gem. The russians gonna eat you alive. Hey 1 out of 5 battles is good aye?.

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      1. His mom never praised him for his paintings as a kid, so he have to ask the tap-community if he is a good boi.
        I think it´s a poor guy with a level of maturity of a 11y old Boi.


                1. Just look at the RU hall of fame on most tier x tanks and you’ll find him on. The coward doesn’t use his real name here….not many has three moe on the wall breaker


                  1. “The coward doesn’t use his real name…” – what’s real in the internet and who proofed that Roboplebs isn’t a trollolol-Kid which spams lies and doesn’t achieved anything in his life? It’s a kid inside a kid which is crying for attention…and there isn’t an ignore-button. q_q


  4. i have 2 marks on this boi and 1700 avg damage… this thing is utter garbage. but fun. turret is 270mm everywhere if things are hidden and angled properly. the under side armor being 60mm… fucking why. 130mm effective armor at 69 degrees.


    1. this thing cant fight a defender with a brain, or enemy super heavies. that is where it suffers. i bounce jpz 100 AP all day. luck??


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