War Thunder: Mike10d December 14th 2018 Dev Server Changes after closing



       By _Mike10d

Sho’t Kal Dalet is now a rank 5 and not a rank 6

        now br 8.3 instead of 8.7

M13/40 (I) and (III) are now foldered

75/18 M41 and 75/32 M41 are now foldered

75/34 M43 and 75/46 M43 are now foldered

AMX-10RC went from 8.3 → 8.0 br

The meteor mk 8 reaper went from 8.0 to 9.0 br

        EDIT: this has been reverted

F-100d FM continues to be tweaked

javelin FM not updated in a meaningful way, however some pylons were removed on the default loadout, so it should be a bit better now

Sd.Kfz. 234:

minimum RPM: 200 → 800

AB43, FIAT 6614, AUBL/74, R3 T106 FA, R3 T20 FA-HS:

        minimum RPM: 200 → 800

        might be easier to hull break now


This mudflap(?) and the one on the other side: armor thickness: 500mm RHA → 5mm structural steel


has visible crew, except they are American

floats now

M13/40 (all)

        Commander is now also the gunner.

        The gunner has been replaced by a loader

M13/40 (I) and (II)

        12 RPM → 20.4


        Hull MG gun mask: 25mm RHA → 30mm CHA


        Driver’s hatch: 45mm RHA → 50mm CHA


        Sides of gun mask: 25mm → 30mm


Breda 501

        Might be easier to hull break now

75/18 M41 and 75/32 M41

        Hatches are now 50mm

105/25 M43

        Second layer of gun mask: 50mm → 30mm


75/34 M43 and 75/46 M43

        Thing around gun barrel is now a 30mm armor plate


        Outer part of the inner gun mask: 75mm → 50mm


        Inner part of the inner gun mask: 75mm → 50mm


M3 Bradley

        Now carries 12 TOWs instead of 10


        Now has unique gun sounds


        Now has unique gun sounds

Vietnam Hills

        LODs updated

New unused flags to mark vehicle’s county of origin

        Ukrainian flag

        Canada modern flag

more Shackleton mr mk 1 bomb loads added

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