Data: Christmas Box earning results compiled

200 boxes purchased (50 of each type – don’t think that matters) – here is the breakdown of what was obtained. I understand more data points would yield more accurate data, but this is what I have. You also get three decorations per box.

8x KV-220-2 (1500 gold each)
6x Turan (1700 gold each)
5x M4 imp (1750 gold each)
2x IS3A (12910 gold each)
1x LEFH (1500 gold each)
1x E25 (6700 gold each)
1x Defender (10950 gold each)
1x Skorpion G (10900 gold each)

62750 of raw gold.
122 Days of prem time.
4 Special styles/skins (Is7,Bat chat 25, T57 heavy, Grille 15)
10.3 million credits.
1 Special crew member

So, in total, if you consider the gold value of the tanks(86820 gold), plus the raw gold of 62750 yields a net profit of 149570 gold.

Since a day of prem time is 250 gold, this equals 112 * 250 = 30500 gold worth of prem time.

TOTAL gold = 62750+86820+30500= 180,070 gold.

So what do you get on average per box? (Doesn’t include crew members or special styles/skins)

900.35 gold (Includes average values of gaining a prem tank and premium time)
51500 credits

And no, I didn’t buy 200 boxes.


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  1. Bought 1 large box. Got over 40k gold, a few million credits, 3 kv220s, 2 M4 Improved, 2 Turans, all4 of the special skins, and Simon Claws crew member. Decent score if you ask me. If you have a comment about how I spend my money, save your time – it is after all MY money πŸ™‚

  2. The people that get boxes from WG, Youtubers, Reviewers, Streamers. 200-500 boxes. WG rigs the chances to get Prices for this Playeraccounts, simple trick that lures players into buying lootboxes because they saw what their favorite Streamer, Reviewer, Youtuber got and how easy they got it. This is well known in the Russian community.

    Don’t fall for this Trick. There were small Russian Youtubers that got nothing from WG and bought lootboxes themselfes. Some got 150+ Boxes and only got the Brit Dicktank.

    1. Lol, so you think Streamers have better RNG to promote more box selling?

      Please take your tinfoil hat off.

      1. Welcome to capitalism. Thats how things work. You use a marketing strategy to sell more of your goods. You think companys and business are good guys ? You use dirty methods if it means more cash. Thats the same as these casino websites do, lure you with some cyber cash until you get out your wallet.

        Mind I remember you what Intel did with AMD and the stretched lawsuits that gave us a monopoly and a dead horse and milked their customers 10years with 4core Cpus because they are “good enough for gayming” and “1000$ 8core cpu is a reasonable price” ?

        You may call people like me tinfoiled, because you can’t believe that such dirty tricks are common and widely used. Once you start to question things and take a closer look, you’ll also become a realist.

        1. I agree WG is a scummy company with a lot of things, but I doubt they’re giving specific people RNG on loot boxes, that requires work, and WG is lazy.

          I’m well aware most businesses are corrupt, including WG.

          1. I love Motoko and I think he is the smartest person ever!

            Also I really love trolling but I still suck at it, I apologize for my ignorant statements that are meritless and only designed to incite an argument.

            Merry Christmas!

  3. Hey, you might want to post QBs latest video too. Check it out and you’ll understand why. Things are getting intense.

    1. Yeah. If even QB starts making a daily video about WG being cunts, they might have gone too far. If even he won’t defend them anymore, not a lot of people will.

  4. I bought 50 boxes. I got 17000 god, 24 days of prem, 4 T5, 2 T7, 4 T8 tanks and 2.9 million credit. Because I had some tanks before, I got 50180 gold instead of the tanks.

    So basically for 2 T8 premium tank cost or around 24000 gold you get stuff worth of 97120 gold. Thats 4 times more! So if you want gold and prem time it is a good deal, but don’t gamble for tanks.

    1. Did you get any of the 3D skins? That’s what I’m looking for to get and I’m not sure if I want to spend my little money on 75 boxes given my financial situation.

  5. “Since a day of prem time is 250 gold, this equals 112 * 250 = 30500 gold worth of prem time.”
    This is total nonsense. You can get whole year of Premium for 20k gold when discounted. Its worth max 7-8k gold at most.

    1. A single day is 250 g, I’m not going to utilize each price break.

      And a lot of people don’t play this game every day for a year, and take breaks.

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