Data: Christmas Box earning results compiled

200 boxes purchased (50 of each type – don’t think that matters) – here is the breakdown of what was obtained. I understand more data points would yield more accurate data, but this is what I have. You also get three decorations per box.

8x KV-220-2 (1500 gold each)
6x Turan (1700 gold each)
5x M4 imp (1750 gold each)
2x IS3A (12910 gold each)
1x LEFH (1500 gold each)
1x E25 (6700 gold each)
1x Defender (10950 gold each)
1x Skorpion G (10900 gold each)

62750 of raw gold.
122 Days of prem time.
4 Special styles/skins (Is7,Bat chat 25, T57 heavy, Grille 15)
10.3 million credits.
1 Special crew member

So, in total, if you consider the gold value of the tanks(86820 gold), plus the raw gold of 62750 yields a net profit of 149570 gold.

Since a day of prem time is 250 gold, this equals 112 * 250 = 30500 gold worth of prem time.

TOTAL gold = 62750+86820+30500= 180,070 gold.

So what do you get on average per box? (Doesn’t include crew members or special styles/skins)

900.35 gold (Includes average values of gaining a prem tank and premium time)
51500 credits

And no, I didn’t buy 200 boxes.