Is QuickyBaby leaving WOT? – click bate

We got a real critique of WOT by QB just few days ago, now we get QB hitting a table after requesting changes from WG, while reminding them that Jingles already left and declaring he’s ashamed of being CC…

Ladies and fake Therealisneses, it’s time for your comments!

p.s. Yes I’m trolling, yes QB is not popular with Seb, yes I think this needs to be posted

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    1. I think it’s pretty clear WG does what it needs to in order to maximize revenue, and doesn’t care about much else.

      Gambling is a huge business marketing ploy, and it works wonders, all around the world. People LOVE gambling, and people who play this game LOVE buying christmas boxes.

      Combine the two = EZ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  1. Kukibébi is too much of a pussy to step down from the CC position. He does this drama just to cash out on WG’s retarded decisions and to get more viewers.

    If he is so ashamed of being a CC in reality and he isn’t saying it just for the show he could leave just as easily as Jingles did.

  2. Players been saying it for 5 years on the forum. And some counter-argued vs it. But when a CC says the same suddenly everyone turns nuts and now everyone is a believer. Then again he had a video arguing about loot-boxes… then 5 min later uploaded one more or less selling them. If he is ashamed of being a CC and the ideas WG are doing, he does a poor job of showing it tbh. He should say so to WG vs just arguing now and then in a video, and still selling their stuff, inc the IS-3A a few videos later.

    1. And Jingles left? He is a WOWS CC now. He has not done his own WOT content in what? 3 years. He still lives off the replays he gets sent to him. So I doubt it matters. But… There are other CC’s that are taking a break from content this Xmas sure… But Jingles? He left years ago already.

  3. pretty sad 1st world problems this guys name says it all…. BABY…
    Makes a living playing and critiquing video games if it chapps your ass that much that almost 10 years in they are finally going to let it go, it might be time to move on and get a real job…

  4. Sorry QB is wrong.
    He has no solid proof that WG will not sell the IS3A. again.
    IS3A only has its canon changed. and can still see tier Xs.
    I have owned the IS3A since first sold. Its a crap tank with crap crew set.

    He is running on the formula that everyone should have a chance to own it across
    the board. And is trying to make his point under the umbrella of gambling. But that’s like me
    crying that I cant buy a clan wars tank. Understand Its not fair for everyone. Games are never ment to be.

    I like QB. But he should STFU and go cry into his WG pillow. You took the 30 pieces of silver.
    so suck it up. and stop being such a baby.

    1. You can’t buy clan wars tanks, just like you can’t buy personal mission reward tanks, you can only get them by working hard. Or paying someone to do the work for you, but that’s another subject entirely. And guess what? You can’t buy IS-3A directly, you can only gamble on it for money, which is completely retarded. You SHOULD be able to buy it directly, there is no reason not to give players this option other than MONEYMONEYMONEY. That’s shady as fuck and it’s not good for customers, but I guess people like you will always eat WG’s shit up and ask for more, right?

      1. WG never said that ” it will never be for sale”. I payed for my IS3A with money. I didn’t gamble for it.
        Your not getting the point with the clan tanks, so I’m not going to continue. And yes, If you dont want to eat some shit. Then stop playing or get a better job. You really think your going to
        leave WG and find a world not filled with loot boxes and cash grabs? LOL good luck.

        Its not my job to play this game. I like tanks. If you don’t like it. Turn off.

  5. HE’s sold millions, if not tens of millions in products and only gotten a few trips to (blech!) Russia and and some free accounts for it. I’d be mad to.

  6. QB makes a living out of WoT. I think he is making this kind of content, because he won’t be making a living out of a dead game. If WG continues to go for the short term profit, there will be not much left to stream and make content about.

  7. All the obvious jealousy from people here in the forum regards QB huge popularity and his massive YouTube & Twitch fanbase

    Im not a big fanboy of QB his past history of sucking arse to WG stopped that

    ~ however now today in Dec 2018 he is 100% correct with his harsh criticism of WG money grabbing memes with the Loot Xmas Boxes at £85 x 75 boxes (and there are 4 separate styles so 4 x £85 like lol!!

    Defender & IS3A … both OP very Vehicles are winnable, or not?

    you guys say what you like QB haters/ envy memes
    BUT gambling for pixels in WOT is here right now so go! spend maybe 4 x £85 gambling/ lottery for Xmas loot boxes

    more fools you if you do

  8. All youtubers are full of shit. I still fail to understand why people worship some lazy assholes. You’re into some game? Go fuckin play it. Why watch some idiot playing and saying all kinds of stupid shit? I’ll never understand it. Is it a fetish or something?

  9. QB has gone a bit hysterical about this but most of what he says is correct and he acknowledges he doesn’t have all the answers. I like him and think its great someone is trying to help WG stop the rot, otherwise we will not have a game to play in a couple of years and then I’d have to spend time with my family or develop a real hobby…………

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