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  1. You mean when romanians stole Transylvania from Hungary by the way of multiple betrayals of multiple countries? In my opinion this is not a news what you should show on this page… I’m not Hungarian, but this is very, very offensive.

      1. Yes, but in Transylvania’s case it was different. It is not a coincidence that there are 1,5-2 million Hungarians living still there.

        1. This is you argument..hahhaha i guess turcs can claim part of germany then, after all otoman empire conquered a lot of land maybe they can clam it now

          Amazing intelect

            1. The ethnic balance in the region is not favoring your cause, but I still think we can lose it relatively easy with the current state of affairs. Plus Northern Transylvania was ultimately Stalin’s tool to inject communist ministers in both countries that wanted it. Quite a shame.

              1. I like your page, I check it every day, really every God damn day.

                Down below I expressed myself, that I am Hungarian and I have no hard feelings for any of the surrounding nations. You can check the list down below… Its surprisingly long.

                Still, I find it very-very offending treating this day, as the big union. You know before your people came here form the Adriatic sea this land (Transylvania) was not part of your country. When my people came here, they took it not just from you, others were living here too. And then, all nations were living here in harmony. There were no issues! During the period of the Austro-Hungarian Empire Vienna decided to play this card during our war of independence against them, promising an autonomy to all other nations located in the empire. Romanians too and many more. After that there were no good relations between any of the nations, all of them wanted their share. Can you blame them? No, neither can I. And from those years the community of many nations in Eastern Europe started to turn hostile. This ended up, after we lost the WWI, cutting Hungary up and we actually lost the f*ckin 2/3 of our country and half of our people! This is for you a great union? In hell it is a great union. Stupid f*ckin idiot politicians playing God once more and continue to play since then. And what they did achieve? Our nations hate each other even more! Communists did exactly the same, as part of the 1984 recipe: find an external enemy, keep the people in fear, so to control them even easier. Whatever, I hope you see my point.
                I don’t want you to renounce your country’s great day, you have the right the celebrate that many Romanians got connected to their motherland after all. And you won the war too. But can I ask you to be a little more tolerant and neutral? Because if this page was turned to a “Little Entente only” page I will respect that and I am outta here. If not then please show a little respect too towards us. We are not all evil.

    1. Nice trol, this sure made me laugh a lot

      You need to go to school to learn some history. Transylvania was occupied by hungarians for a fiew generations and Romania got it back as it rightfully deserved never to be separated again. I live in Transylvania, my wife is half hungarian and evertbody knows this land is owned by our ancestors for thousands of years

      1. I’m a PhD historian and I wrote my dissertation about the national aspects of the treaty of Trianon. I learnt enough history especially about this case. This is why I decided to write a comment on this article.

        1. If you were really a PhD historian you wouldn’t find this post “very, very offensive”. Historians know to distinguish between history and current standings.

          Or do you also hate Germany because you consider them nazis?

          Cut the crap and the acting, you troll.

    2. deep shit Transilvania was owned by Dacia which is where romanians came from.than Hungary took over.and guess what hungarians are pissed cause they had it for 1k years.but we had it for 1k years before

      1. Dacia has nothing to do with the current state of Romania. Romanian people came from the Illyric state located on the bank of Currently owned by Croatia. This is a fact, proved quite long time ago. the Dacian people was simply merged into the migrating nations after the collapse of the Roman Empire. I am Hungarian, I learnt history, and I have no hard feelings for Romanian, Serbian, Croatian, Ukrainian, Slovakian, Czech, Austrian, Slovenian people. I hope I listed everybody who thinks all Hungarians are selfish, nationalist, evil people. No, we are not. At least not all of us, just when you visit Hungary don’t brag about and please don’t play the smart guy, because if one thing can fuck my people up is someone coming from a foreign country and acts like knows the place more then those who live here. Anyways, if any of the above mentioned nation’s members hates me because of my nationality, well I don’t give a flying fuck about it. 🙂

  2. From historical point of view, Transylvania had been part of:

    Independent tribes – before first century BCE
    Dacia – around first century BCE to first century CE
    Roman Empire – 2nd to 3rd centuries
    Hunic Kingdom – 4th to 5th centuries
    Gepid Kingdom – 5th to 6th centuries
    Avar Khaganate – 7th to 9th centuries
    Bulgarian Empire – 9th century
    Kingdom of Hungary – 10th to 15th centuries
    Mongol invasions – 12th century
    Autonomous region under the Ottomans – 16th to 18th centuries
    Habsburg empire – 18th century until 1867
    Austro-Hungary – 1867 to 1918
    Romania – 1918 to present
    Federal Europe – hopefully soon

  3. WG and Gaijin were clever enough not to make an event out of this. And think what you want, I don’t see that it is correct that you make a provocative news on this page.

      1. I thought that this page is about games as: War Thunder, World of Tanks, World of Warships and World of Warplanes. Not about ethnic and political provocation of one or another nation/country. I know, that it doesn’t matter for you, but now you have just lost a reader from Iceland.

          1. If you don’t get what is wrong with this, then journalism and writing web-content is really not for you.

              1. I’m not offended by everything, but this is a provocative, offensive post against a whole nation of ~15 million people.

  4. Man I cant even imagine how romanians can cope with their situation. They live JUST outside the eastern border of the civilised world. No wonder they come up with imbecile fake history to justify their disgusting betrayal past…

    1. If you’re implying that Serbia is in civilized world, you gotta do some checkups!

      Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Bosnia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Croatia and Slovenia are shit holes, that are isolated by the rest of the world and left to fuck each other! Yes Serbia is the shitiest of all, but that doesn’t make any other country on this list so much better, just NOT being a power-play toy at the moment like we are!

      So let’s all report this website to EU for spreading national hatred and shut it down 🙂 🙂 🙂

        1. BOSS, when you visit town of Donji Milanovac on the Romanian border, you just wait for the evening and then you clearly see who is better. Romanian side is shining bcs all of the lights and Serbian side is in the dark, that’s you best comparison…

          In some sense we deserve what we have now bcs in the 80′ we’ve consider ourselves so much better than communist bloc countries. Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary were our playground, now we just paying for that since we’re their playground!

  5. I personally have nothing against romanian people, in fact I bought the engine for my race car from Nagybánya (baia mare, just so you understand), and the guys were super friendly and helpful and also I could talk Hungarian, because one of them were in fact of Hungarian descendants. The problem is there are a huge group of people who were disconnected from their country, their culture their people. They are not romanian, they do not want to be part of romania, but they cant do jack shit, because some asswipe politicans made some incredibly disgusting decisions nearly a decade ago. Same as slovakia. My girlfriend is from there, she is Hungarian, her family is Hungarian, but she is a slovakian citizen and if she applies for a Hungarian, the slovak government will revoke her slovak citizenship. (Which she says she is OK with, bc who needs it anyways 🙂 )

  6. As the Bible said I should turn my other cheek, so I do. But God help me exactly this is the behaviour which leads to concentration camps, and genocides! Shameful what is going on here. And said.

  7. Romania is a great nation! The trolls posting here have no say in this matter because they are insignificant nationals from poor countries.

    Hungaria, what is that? A small and weak country with illiterate people.

    Poland, what is that?

    The list goes on…..

  8. OK. let’s get some facts!!! Croats and Serbs were on this planet before amoebas came!!! All of you have stolen our land and should be killed for that fact!!! Death to:

    Romanians, Hungarians, Slovaks, Checks, Chechen, Russians, Germans, English, American, Monaco-ans, Bulgari and Bulgarians, Dolces without Gabanas, Gabanas, Rabbits, Herons, Microsofts, Trumps and all other less forms of life!!!

    When you all die out, the final battle is going to decides who will prevail, Croats or Serbs, and when we kill all Croats, then I will duck SSSniperwolf!!!

    1. Nice post. Is TAP really a place people should associate with extreme ex-Yugoslav patriotism and racism, especially when coming known contributor.

      1. Yugoslav is a person’s name, NOT the name of a country! It was Yugoslavia and it’s patriotism was Yugoslavian NOT Yugoslav’s 🙂 🙂 🙂 This shit is widely accepted as proper and adequate but it’s wrong, so long live Yugoslavia (although it’s dead) and Jugoslav Pantelic (although he’s boring) 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. I am a Romanian. I understand hungarians that they are not comfortable with the idea of Transylvania being part of Romania. They owned this land for a long time. But saying that this is their land is not true. When hungarians start conquering Transylvania, this state wasn’t even formed. They fought with small romanians principalities lead by people like Gelou, Glad or Menumorut. Even “Gesta Hungarorum” said about these principalities( I don t think that principalities is a good word tho) Someone said that romanians came from another part of Europe and another one that dacians had nothing to do with Romanians. How could you explain the fact that some word from dacians still exists in romanian language? Or old dacian strongholds like Napoca.( city of Cluj Napoca today) If we were from another part of Europe and we migrated there, why we kept this word and how could we know them?
    What I want to say is that the Romanians have every reason to claim Transylvania, we were there before hungarians even if Romania wasn’t formed then, not even Romanian principalities. So let’s stop arguing.

  10. Stop this shit, Transexsylvania is Serbian, we were their first (except Croats) and that’s why we have so many man that have vagina as sex organ.

    To conclude this shit, I’m half Hungarian, officially I don’t have any Romanian blood (yes I’m sure some of my grand grand grand etc moms have been naughty with some Dracula) but I feel as shit and I couldn’t care less about Transylvania. Only thing I am interested is the well being of my family (the money mostly) and if someone offers me money to declare that Transylvania is German, Russian of even British, I would wear a tattoo on my forehead saying that!

    1. My first post here. I’ve been reading your comments. You are xenophobic and extremely nationalistic. But knowing that crap like yours is left unmoderated I won’t be coming here again and Rita gets another reader.

      1. If you expect Piro to act anything close resembling ‘normal’, then you are gravely mistaken.
        Don’t judge a deck because of one wild card. Stay for the actual news, news this site gets first.
        And ffs, don’t go to Rita’s personal life blog.

  11. Gardar, come suck my romanian dick. Romania is Romania and you, fucking bozgor, can suck it. Peace!

    I’m tired to explain history to hungarian shitheads every year on 1st of December. I know your school teaches you you’re entitled to everything that you can’t have but there’s a thing you can use to check multiple sources; it’s called INTERNET. You can find almost everything there, including writings from your own fucking hungarian historians that were not brainwashed. Check them and come back on the 1st of December 2020 and let’s discuss. Phd my ass…

    1. Gardar, mail-order PHD. I love how these morons must enlighten us with their “superior” wisdom and spend over 30 minutes composing a tediously long post of nonsensical crap….

  12. never did see a military parade post making a shitstorm like this, everyone is a internet warrior these days. glad i live in the west of europe. not that we are perfect or anything, but atleast we do not hate our neighbours, we only hate africa/asia/east europe……. oh wait….. looks like the same posts as in this list above. hate will always be here and will never dissapear, easier to hate what you do not understand or know, humans will only work together if we come across some kinda aliens, then we hate them and no longer look at color or race.
    we all forget, whatever you are from, you always get assf*cked by any goverment, in the end they decide and always screw the “normal” people, we all are the same, paying taxes and die in the end.

    1. To be honest, I would be happy my country still exists on the map. We have lost land too to Ukraine and the Soviets, we know how it feels. But we mostly got over it.

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