VBAddict – Popular WOT Statistics website hacked

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Hello vBAddict users and fans of our World of Tanks statistics,

as you have noticed, the World of Tanks Replay and Statistics System from vBAddict.net was hacked a week and a half ago and unfortunately so bad that I can’t get the old system to work anymore. Since I ran the whole thing in my private free time, without a commercial background, I personally lack the money and the insight to pay any hackers 1 Bitcoint (that’s the equivalent of 5000 Euro).

Currently I’m in the process of completely reprogramming the existing system, more secure and up-to-date than the old one. This means that in the future replays can be uploaded and evaluated again, as well as the popular statistics, WN8 to tanks and other features can be found. However, this takes a little time.

I will keep you informed about the current status of the work here, but I assume that I won’t be able to start with a new version of vBAddict until the new year and ask for patience until then.

Best regards

Sonnenbrand / André
Admin of vBAddict

My opinion: This is unfortunate as the website was very useful for many things, including checking tank statistics, equipment, and other things.

Too bad – hopefully he can get it up and running again soon.

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  1. I am not sure if this is a real story.

    This guy was doing literally nothing since he took over the site ca. 2 years ago.
    More or less the only action he took was to make the stat upload script on the server work on a minimal level after every update, so there was still traffic on the site. Ads where working all the time.

    Stats where a mess, because of the buged upload app, way more victory battles where counted than losses.
    Months for months more sections of the site became unusable.
    No action was done to fix this.

    In my oppinion this guy was overburden whith the task he took over. But he never admitted it. When after some weeks the bug reports filled the forum, then he made a post saying someing like: We know, we already work on it. Nothing ever happend.

    What now happend is, in my oppinion, that he finaly lost interest in the site. But instead of saying it, he is throwing this hacker story to us. So that he looks like a victim.
    I dont beleave this.
    I also dont think this site will ever come back.

    1. I too questioned the truth of his story, but we will never know, so no real point to speculate.

      Who knows what really happened.

    2. You have to open reports from your lost battles in game so the tool has anything to upload. You can notice opening such reports takes a while, as the data is downloaded from Wargaming’s server on-demand, not automatically. If you just play, survive, win, play, die, quit early, play, survive, win and so on, many of your losses (but even victories of course) where you died & quit earlier simply can’t be uploaded, as the data is not there.

  2. Quote: “is unfortunate as the website was very useful for many things… including….equipment, and other things.”

    Just for information: The equiptment and crew skill section was not updated for almost 2 years now, because the mod uploading those data wasn’t working anymore. The data you could see there was from 2016.

    1. The gunmark calculation, as well as crew skills and equipment, did not work under phalanx anymore. For the fact that the service was free of charge, the rest worked well.

      Apart from that, the complete service is still programmed, so I don’t assume that the hack was faked. How do you even come up with such theories?

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