Get Ready for a Celebration


Are you ready? Keep your eyes peeled and your commander’s cupola open to get more details on Monday!

Roll out!

p.s. If my hearing is not ducked up completely, this video says Uncle Serb LOVES US!!!  

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    1. If you watched the whole video, you can clearly see in his “notebook” on the right page at the bottom of the list “non tier 3 vehicle gift” , and it shows the T-50-2 at the end, so prob it will be that 😛

      1. I would be very surprised if they gave out the T-50-2 as a gift – yes it’s the 10th anniversary but I doubt WG Minsk can be this generous. Perhaps an easy marathon?

        …unless they go “to celebrate, we’re allowing you to buy this brand new prem tank from the shop!”.

        1. It was talking on video about missions, so probably will be mini marathon. The worst thing about T50-2 IT jas 4 crew members, while the T100lt only 3.

          1. > The worst thing about T50-2 IT jas 4 crew members, while the T100lt only 3.

            Same as Type 64 being a good tank but a bad trainer because 5 crew when every other Chinese LT has 4 crew (reminder we have Chinese M41 incoming lol).

            LT-432 is what they want you to buy if you want a premium to slot T-100 LT crew.

          2. And considering since most have used low tier gift tanks to train the high tier lights crew as we did lack a high tier crew trainer for Russia for ages. I suspect most have a 4 BIA crew ready to go in one of their low tiers. As I have a few lying around from the different crews I’ve trained up.

        2. It’s WG. I suspect it’s an event to get it IF the T-50-2 is the reward. And I doubt it’s “play one battle”. If it is. I’ll be surprised.

          1. Play one battle per nation, per tier, per vehicle class, for 30 days for your FREE premium tank reward.

  1. I dont understand the hype about T50-2, while we have a Type 64. It has better gun depresion, dpm, penetration, alpha, top speed, view range.

    1. Hype comes from those that owned it back in the day, when it was removed due to it’s speed etc. It was a light tank on steroids vs anything we have now. And it was a tier 5. This version is a nerfed variant of it. But still… people want it.

  2. t50-2 is fucking crazy, thats cool he comes back !!! but question is why stand 7.0 at the end? it is just the indication about the 10 years of wg or its a speciality for some event?, And I love the moment when they show us the 1.5 secret plans folder XD its the patch where came a new MM or the big balancing of tech trees??

    1. 1.5 is not a patch number. It is a reference number to a development stage. They have, currently, a 1.5 and a 2.0 goal. Some people are thinking that Historical battles maybe coming back since they were first introduced in 0.7.0. I think it is the cutoff for being called a “veteran” player to get the T-50-2 for free.

  3. It will obviously be another insane marathon to get the T-50-2. Obvious from the video. A gift that you need to grind insanely to get. For WG, anything that doesnt cost 99.99 shekels – is a gift.

  4. Hope you are wrong anonymous because it’s just what the game needs – another better than average premium tank for only experienced players; they can put great crews into it and improved equipment so they can cr*p on newer players.

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