Overwolf causing FPS to drop


„The problem
We’ve found out that popular TeamSpeak plugin “Overwolf” does 3 bad things to our players:
1.    It installs the mod to WoWS without asking the player;
2.    It causes FPS drops
3.    It gathers the data on in-game events, reads python.log, records a lot of things (damage dealt, damage done, ribbons, battle participants data) and puts it to owevent.log

Dear players! It has come to our attention that using Overwolf (a TeamSpeak plug-in) with World of Warships causes the following issues:
1.    During the installation Overwolf modifies World of Warships game client without asking for confirmation. It puts a mod into D:\Games\World_of_Warships_RU\res_mods\\PNFMods\owplugin folder.
2.    This mod actively logs your game data while you play: it reads python.log, damage dealt and taken, ribbons, frags, list of battle participants. This information seems to be recorded to owevent.log file.
3.    While doing so, the mod seems to decrease game performance. While we did not have time to test all configurations yet (as we wanted to share the information ASAP), we saw the decrease from 75 to 48-56 FPS on our i7-8700K / GTX1080Ti test machines, caused exactly by this mod activity.
4.    We also ask you to pay attention to the following facts: 
a.    If owplugin folder with the mod is deleted from World of Warships game files, Overwolf re-installs it when launched;
b.    If Overwolf is uninstalled normally, the mod remains installed.
With that in mind, we recommend the following:
1.    If you have Overwolf, you can check the difference in game performance yourself. To do it, launch the game from Wargaming.net Game Center or Legacy Launcher in safe mode. Safe mode basically disables res_mods modifications, including the one installed by Overwolf.
2.    If you want to stop using Overwolf, you will need to uninstall it AND manually delete the World of Warships mod. To do the latter: 
a.    Find owplugin folder according to the path above;
b.    If you’re not sure or not experienced enough just clear the whole res_mods folder. The downside is that you will have to re-install any mods you’ve been using.
3.    Always read EULA of all products you use. We’re not responsible for what and how 3rd party applications do.

If we get any new information on this matter, we will let you know ASAP.

Thank you for your attention!”

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  1. I don’t recall if it was last year or the year before that. Overwolf had a code for WOT players if they used and installed their UI for 5 days of premium or whatever it was. Everyone complained about the same thing then. It ate FPS and it got removed rather fast.

  2. It is a pretty neat thing to have when your PC is pretty powerful to record various kills and other things automatically and overall log your data like keys per minute or most used keys. Yes, it does eat some of your FPS (especially a lot on older PCs), but it’s nice. Not using it currently however – have no need, really.

    1. “It is a pretty neat thing to have when your PC is pretty powerful to record various kills and other things automatically”

      But the new GPU drivers can do this too without installing another bloatware like Overwolf.

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